Casa Coll (Barruera) La Vall de Boí

Capacity: 13 | Passeig Sant Feliu, s/n (Barruera) La Vall de Boí

True to tradition and with all modern conveniences, we can now sleep in one of those rooms and alcoves and believe that time has stopped, and so enjoy all the memories that we provide these walls full of history.


The house has three bedrooms, one bathroom and two with shared bathroom, also has a family room and a bedroom, both with bathrooms and sleeps four.


It has two large kitchens, a dining room and a living room, chapel and a garden with barbecue.


Coll House is located in the heart of Barruera hist'roico, 200 habitatntes village and administrative center boí Valley. A few kilometers away, you can access all the cultural offerings that we provide the Romanesque churches boí Valley, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2002.


Culture, heritage, adventure sports, hiking and mountain bike, snow sports, mushrooms, fishing, spas


  • Aigüestortes National Park
  • Splendid example of Romanesque
  • Carefully prepare high mountain

Vall de boí ... all year.

Registration Number in Tourism Register of Catalonia: PL-000028

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