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Clariana de Cardener (a 8 Km)

Come and enjoy our activities in the Solsonès and Central Catalonia: rent kayaks, rock and ice climbing, via ferrata, bungee jumping, hiking, snowshoeing,…

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Rutes BTT Sílvia Rovira

Cardona (a 15.9 Km)

Organization and design outputs hiking, mountain biking and snowshoeing (winter). It combines sports, nature, history, art, landscapes and gastronomy.

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Cardona Turisme

Cardona (a 16.2 Km)

From Cardona Tourism offers visitors a wide range of tours tailored to different audiences. Currently you can visit its three main resources: The Salt Mountain,…

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Barcelona és molt més

(a 16.2 Km)

Discovers that Barcelona is much more! Near Barcelona have a world of possibilities: Costa de Barcelona, ​​?? the landscapes of Barcelona and the Pyrenees to…

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Museu d'art del Bolet

Montmajor (a 17.9 Km)

The Montmajor Mushroom Art Museum is located in the municipality of Montmajor, in the center of the town center, right in the Market Square, the true nerve center…

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Espai Natura Muntanya d’Alinyà

Fígols i Alinyà (a 19.4 Km)

Refuge flagship species like chamois and the capercaillie, the only region of Europe where they nest and four species of vultures are observed: griffon vulture,…

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Museu Moto Bassella

Bassella (a 18.7 Km)

Recognized among the best in Europe, it has become a reference for all lovers of the engine and an obligatory stop on the road to Andorra.

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Turisme del Berguedà

(a 17.9 Km)

From the cultivation areas of the Baix Berguedà, the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park and the upper Berguedà, we find ourselves in a land of contrasts with the Llobregat…

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Oli Migjorn

Navàs (a 23.2 Km)

Guided tours of the olive trees and the workroom of Olis Migjorn visits. Rediscover our ancient past, the old olive cultivation and the local variety Corbella.…

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Museu de les Trementinaires

Josa i Tuixent (a 26.3 Km)

The Museum of the Trementinaires of Tuixent opened its doors in 1998, to preserve the memory of an occupation exercised by the women of the valley of the Vansa…

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Formatgeria Cal Music

Navàs (a 29.9 Km)

Artisan cheese factory, located in the rural nucleus of Mujal, one of the smallest in Catalonia with goat cheese from its herd located in Balsareny.

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Centre d'interpretació de l'Església de Cal Pons

Puig-reig (a 29.7 Km)

The Interpretation Center of the Colonia Pons Church, through three museum spaces, reveals the role played by the Church in the consolidation of the industrial…

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Granja Natura (Centre d'Apropament a la Natura)

Navàs (a 29.3 Km)

Ideal for families! Offers children and adults the opportunity to discover, touch, see, hear and experience nature through its facilities and activities that will…

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Merolla Berguedà

Berga (a 28.8 Km)

In our mushroom hunter outings, we will know a bit about the environment and we will look for mushrooms, advised at all times by us!

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Indòmit Centre d'Aventura

Berga (a 29.4 Km)

Adventure Center, where you can find most activities that can be grouped in the same space and those that need more specific places

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Spring with caravan

Càmping el Solsonès (Solsona) (a 1.8 Km)

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Kayak Activity in La Caseta del Pantano

Tirantmilles (Clariana de Cardener) (a 8 Km)

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9.50 €

Paddle Surf or Stand Up paddle activity in La Caseta del Pantà

Tirantmilles (Clariana de Cardener) (a 8 Km)

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12.50 €

Activity Initiation to Canyoning in Solsonès

Tirantmilles (Clariana de Cardener) (a 8 Km)

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38.00 €


Cycle Cultural Beats in Cardona

18/04/2020 ...

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