Province: Barcelona | Shire: Osona | Inhabitants: 2.216 | Extension: 10,5 Km2 | Altitude: 552 m

The town of Folgueroles is located at the confluence of two very different landscapes: the Plana de Vic with rainfed crops and the Guilleries with a more wooded and wild landscape. It crosses the term the meridian of Paris, that in 1884 served to define the exact measurement of the meter.

In the area of ​​the Plana de Vic we find remains of the first settlers at the top of Puigseslloses and at the beginning of the Guilleries we find the Casol de Puigcastellet, a wall built by the Iberians to control the way to the coast of Girona.

The nucleus of population was born at the intersection of the two natural regions that make up the municipality. Initially there were three vials at the confluence of which the parish church was built. This temple conserves the head of Romanesque style but the facade and the volume of the building corresponds to the baroque enlargement. From this primitive urban fabric and the two suburbs of old origin, the Ricardera and the Passavant, new streets have been constructed especially in the last decades. Near the nucleus we highlight the green areas of the Damunt and the Font Trobada.

The town is known for being the birthplace of Jacint Verdaguer (1845-1902). The rebel poet who elevated the Catalan language to the literary category of the European languages. This important event has determined the physiognomy of the town that is like an open museum.

The House Museum Verdaguer shows us the home of his childhood and the life of the time and is the starting point that runs through vital spaces and monuments built in the memory of the poet who from modernism to Land art.

Points of interest

  • Pedró, modernist monument of Josep Mª Pericas (1908) in the Plaza Verdaguer.
  • Romanesque-baroque parish church (S. XI-XVIII). It contains the baptismal font where the poet was baptized and a copy of the birth certificate.
  • Sower, sculptural relief of Manolo Hugué in homanatge to the centenary of the birth of the poet Verdaguer (1945).
  • Àlbula, sculpture by Pablo Palazuelo to the cork oaks in homage to the 150 years of the birth of the poet Verdaguer (1995).
  • Hermitage of the Damunt, votive chapel built in the upper part of the municipality in the middle of the 17th century. Place where the first poetic inspiration of Jacint Verdaguer
  • Garden Brins d'Espígol, located next to the hermitage of the Damunt, contains the plants collected in the florilegio of Verdaguer that bears the same name.
  • The Atlántida, sculpture of Jordi Pallàs, in tribute to the homonymous work of Verdaguer in the centenary of its publication (1977).
  • Signature, intervention on the riverbed during its passage through the Font Trobada, Land Art work of Perejaume in homage to the centenary of the death of Verdaguer (2002).
  • Puigseslloses, hill of blue marls in the area of ​​La Plana de Vic, crowned by a megalithic dolmen of a closed chamber 2500 BC and the Hermitage of St. George built in the XV century.
  • Casol de Puigcastellet, Iberian site (S. III X BC) from the 3rd century BC formed by a barrier fortification on one of the highest hills in the area.
  • Gorg dels Llitons, place waves mix the waters of the torrents coming from the concourse of Collsameda and the Fosc sot, forming a beautiful and unique place.

Holidays and traditions

  • Fiesta Verdaguer, second half of May
  • Folgueroles Festival, second weekend of September
  • Iberian weekend in Casol de Puigcastellet, first weekend of October

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