Escape Room Aventurico


Aventurico is where children have a great time, and adults become children again. They offer great family escape games and host very special birthdays!

Lock-Clock Escape room


An Escape Room is much more than a game, it is a unique experience. Forget the world around you so that, for 60 minutes, your team and your mission will be the…

Enigmik Escape Room


Enjoy an escape room designed for groups of 2 to 6 people. You will have 60 minutes to solve all the enigmas that are hidden in a room. The goal is simple: Don't…

Resident Riddle


Are you ready to learn the truth about the Riddles? Tour the old Riddle residence, full of secrets to discover.

Gimcanes GeoCats


Discover Barcelona through GeoCats in the most comfortable and fun way possible! They offer unique experiences in Barcelona for school events, companies, family…

La Clau Room Escape


Find a group of 2 to 6 people and enjoy the puzzles posed by trying to get out of the room for an hour. Teamwork will make everything easier. You will get it?

Escape Mountain


Let yourself be guided and decipher the different enigmas while you exercise your mind and body, and solve the tests to discover what secret is hidden among the…

Quimera Escape Room


Dare to enter Seven Escape Room! A reduced space in which logic loses its raison d'être, and where uncertainties assail us and are our worst enemy.

Sensas Experiència Sensorial


Sensas is the new concept of unique entertainment in Barcelona. Immerse yourself in an incredible sensory journey where you can put your five senses to the test!

The Rombo Code


The Rombo Code is an escape room in Barcelona, located very close to the Hospital de Sant Pau and the Sagrada Família. With its 6 rooms, the escape room has a…

Unreal Room Escape Hospitalet

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

Experience a first-person adventure hard to forget Unreal Room Escape. A real experience in which you will test your best skills to escape within 90 minutes.

Xplore Girona - Escape Room Urbà


Live Girona like you have never done before, with an urban Escape room outdoors. An adventure that mixes the enigmas of an escape room, with the action of a gymkhana…

Fix the History


The temporary terrorist group Omega has altered the past to force Professor Anselm Ferrer to develop very dangerous technology. You have to travel to the past and…

Escape Room Temps Limit


An escape room that you can do with family, friends or with your company and where you will test your ingenuity and skills to solve enigmas and puzzles.

Cadena Perpetua Room Escape

Montcada i Reixac

Live your own adventure being the protagonists of a movie mission in more than 140 square meters of action and fun!

Artemis Gymkhanas Barcelona


Discover Barcelona in an original and fun way where you will find excitement, teamwork, culture, adventure and much more!


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