At Christmas, enjoy the Pastorets

At Christmas, enjoy the Pastorets

During the Christmas holidays, the tradition of representing the Pastorets continues in most of the towns and neighborhoods of Catalonia. They mobilize thousands of theater fans and also thousands of families as spectators.

Pastorets are one of the most deeply rooted Christmas traditions in our country. They are a play, and their natural place of representation is on stage. The basis of the performance is a theatrical text that is inspired by the Gospel account of Christmas, often written in verse and with a well-defined dramatic structure. These texts incorporate many different artistic elements that complement its structure and present it to the viewer as a complete show. The music, the dance, the special effects, or the great scenographies, are administered in particular doses, giving personality to each one of the representations that you will experience during the Christmas weeks in Catalonia.

In current times these representations are a meeting point for the diverse generations and the diverse origins that make up our society, they are constantly transforming and feeding on new contributions year after year.

Staging some Pastorets is a common project of a town, an entity or a group that temporarily unites with this objective.

This Christmas, discover the Pastorets in Catalonia!


Pastorets de Molins de Rei

Molins de Rei

The Little Shepherds of Molins de Rei represent "The Cradle of Jesus"…

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Els Pastorets de l'Ametlla de Merola


Enjoy the Pastorets of La Ametlla de Merola one of the oldest…

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The Pastorets of Ulldecona


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Santa Perpètua de Mogoda is Christmas

Santa Perpètua de Mogoda

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The Pastorets by J. Folch i Torres in Sant Fost de Campsentelles

Sant Fost de Campsentelles

Who does not know The pastorets of Josep Maria Folch i Torres? Who more who less, everyone has seen them represented on stage or has even collaborated with him.…

Ripoll batega for Nadal


'Ripoll batega per Nadal', a motto that annexes the different activities organized by the City Council for these festivities. During these festivities, the town…

The Pastorets of Perafita


Come see Los Pastorets de Perafita! The Borrego and the Carquinyoli are back! During the Christmas holidays, the tradition of representing Los Pastorets in most…

The Pastorets in Campllong


Come and enjoy Los Pastorets in Campllong! During the Christmas holidays, the tradition of representing Los Pastorets in most towns and neighborhoods in Catalonia…

The Pastorets of Súria


Els Pastorets de Súria are back for another year! The Christmas tradition of Els Pastorets de Súria began at the end of the 19th century. They are…

Ripoll pastorets


The Teatro Condal de Ripoll hosts the performance of the Pastorets for the Christmas holidays! The pastorets of the capital of Ripoll is one of the oldest representations…

The Pastorets of Mataró


Premiered in 1916 and based on "La Estrella de Nazaret", by Ramon Pàmies, Els Pastorets de Mataró staged Naïm's doubts, the fight between Good…

The Pastorets of Penelles


On Christmas Eve, Rovelló and Lluquet fall asleep listening to a story by the fire. Suddenly, they find themselves in the middle of a forest, near Bethlehem...…

The Pastorets of Molins de Rei

Molins de Rei

“Els Pastorets” by Frederic Soler “Pitarra” and with music by maestro Miquel Blanch continue to be performed at La Peni Plaza Mercè…

Pastorets of Sidamon


Come see and enjoy the Sidamon Pastorets! During the Christmas holidays, the tradition of representing the Pastorets in most towns and neighborhoods in Catalonia…


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