Enjoy the Oktoberfest in Catalonia this 2024!

Enjoy the Oktoberfest in Catalonia this 2024!

Oktoberfest is one of the best-known and most celebrated festivals in the world, and although it originated in Germany, more and more countries are joining the celebration.

What is the origin of the Oktoberfest?

Although Oktroberfest is one of the best-known celebrations in the world, many people are not very familiar with its origin.

Many people recognize it more for being a great festival dedicated to beer than for its authentic heritage. The large beer tents that are now recognized throughout the world were not part of Oktoberfest as they came into play only 100 years ago.

What is the real origin of the Oktoberfest? The celebration stems from royal origins, dating back to the Royal Wedding held in 1810, between the prince and future King of Bavaria, Ludwig I, and Princess Theresa of Saxony. The celebration lasted 5 days, and all the citizens of Munich were invited, so many people attended that they moved to the gardens, where the Oktoberfest is currently held. Although this is considered the origin, over time the opinion has been changed, since the popular explanations and the facts did not coincide perfectly, thus causing the real origin to be a mystery.

When is the Oktoberfest celebrated in Catalonia this 2024?

Every year the festival celebration opens, when the mayor of Munich opens the first keg of beer, with the Bavarian expression "O'zapft is!", which means "The barrel is open", thus indicating that the party can begin!

Although it is called Oktoberfest (Octoberfest), the celebration takes place approximately the last days of September and the first days of October.

Oktoberfest takes place from September 21 to October 6, 2024.

Oktoberfest in Catalonia

In Catalonia, the Oktoberfest is also celebrated, in the purest German style. Music, culture, leisure and enjoying good beer is a perfect plan to say goodbye to summer. Undoubtedly, one of the funniest events in the months of September and October. The most notable are the Oktoberfest in Barcelona, Calella or Calafell.

For all beer lovers, it's a time to share. Discover all the proposals we have below!

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