Three Kings Parades in Catalonia, a tradition full of magic

Three Kings Parades in Catalonia, a tradition full of magic

Every year, in Catalonia, the Christmas spirit reaches its peak with the impressive and long-awaited Three Kings Parade.

The celebration takes place on January 5, and transports the populations to a magical world full of color, light and joy, where the Three Wise Men, Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar, are the protagonists, who according to biblical tradition, brought gifts to Jesus after his birth.

This story, based on the biblical story of the Evangelist Matthew, tells how these wise men from the East followed the star of Bethlehem until they reached the stable where Jesus was born, carrying with them symbolic gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

The Three Kings Parades were developed as a way to represent this story, the elements of the representation expanded over time, incorporating characters such as the Pages, who symbolize rural life, or the Royal Postmen, in charge of collecting letters with the children's wishes.

On the day of the Parade, the atmosphere in the Catalan cities and towns is charged with expectation and emotion. The streets become a party scene, with crowds of children and adults eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Kings.

In Catalonia, the Three Kings Parades are massive and highly anticipated events, especially for children. They parade in floats or on horseback or also by boat if it is on the coast, and they throw candy and collect letters and some pacifiers.

Preparation for this event begins long before the magical night. Local authorities, neighborhood associations and other entities work hand in hand to ensure that the Parade is a success. The floats, authentic works of art in motion, are meticulously prepared to reflect the spirit of tradition. Every detail, from the decoration to the costumes of the Three Wise Men and their companions, is taken care of with great attention.

Many families take advantage of this occasion to say goodbye to the Christmas holidays and enjoy one last magical moment before returning to routine.

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