Move: Guided hiking in the Gironès

30/08/2019 - 26/10/2019

The "Muévete: Guided Hiking the Gironès" program, promoted by the Tourism Department of the Gironès Regional Council and the Nature Guides of the region, celebrates its 10th edition (2009-2019) this year and proposes, once again, an annual program of guided walks to know the environment of the municipalities of Gironès.

It is a consolidated activity rooted in the territory and with a loyal public, but each year attracts more people and incorporates interesting news.

The program has a total of 19 biweekly outings distributed throughout the year (except July and August) accompanied by a nature guide that proposes the participant to discover, enlighten and get emotional with the natural and cultural heritage, knowing the origins, traditions and the particularity of the municipality that is visited. The program also differentiates the outputs according to their difficulty, although most of them are of low level and therefore suitable for all publics.

This year variations have been incorporated in the itinerary in some of the traditional routes, as is the case of the route "Castillo de San Miguel" in Girona, which this year will begin the climb through Campdorà, or the route "The castle that watches over the village "in Cervià de Ter that will take us to the castle of Cervià, recently restored.

Some novelties of the past year will be maintained this year, as in the case of the ornithological exit along the banks of the Ter de Girona due to the great success it had among the public.

As every year, there are also outings that are complemented with product tastings in order to make known local producers and turn them into tourist attractions of our destination. As is the case of the yogurt La Selvatana Farm and the company of Anela Fruits de Campllong, the cake Ermessenda of Reverter Pastry of Girona or the wines of the winery Eccocivi de Sant Martí Vell. With these complementary activities you get all the senses are present during the hearing, taste too.

In this tenth edition there is another year with the collaboration of the company Aguas de Sant Aniol, which gives the participants a bottle of water.


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