June 16, World Tapa Day


On June 16th, World Tapas Day is celebrated. Around this day, a multitude of routes and tapas contests are organized.

The origin of the cap is uncertain and there are many legends about it. Some say that the invention dates back to the 13th century, when King Alfonso X the Wise was forced, by medical prescription, to take sips of wine to fight an illness. To avoid the effects of alcohol, he took small bites between meals and, after the experience, ordered that the inns serve small portions of food that "covered" the aforementioned effects on the diners.

Another story tells us that in the 16th century the term tapa began to be used as the Castilianization of the French étape, which referred to the provision of soldiers in a march. Others link it to the need of 19th century peasants to eat something in the middle of the morning, before lunch.

The most popular story is the one that states that its origin is located in taverns that served the wine covered with bread or sausage, either to prevent the drink from losing its aroma, or to prevent insects from falling into the glass.

Whatever its origin, we encourage you to enjoy the typical and not so typical tapas!

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