Restaurant Artusi Girona

Pl. de les castanyes, 6. Girona

The kitchen

It is no coincidence that some of the most renowned restaurants around the world are in our region. The good quality of raw materials is a prerequisite in order to offer courses that satisfy the most demanding palates.

For this reason, in the restaurant are particularly important Artusi bellota hams, cheeses, foie gras, salads, Iberian pork and beef raised in Girona, which can be enjoyed in the restaurant, such as tapas accompanied by a selection of wines from the best DO the country.

The Charter

We strive to offer our customers and friends the opportunity to taste a selection of products made from high culinary tradition with a value very interesting, such as acorn hams Monsalud signature from hosting the DO Dehesa de Extremadura, and a selection of wines, short but very studied in different areas of the country, which can be enjoyed by the glass, in order to find the best pairing with the dish chosen.

Letter supplements (oil, bread, coffee, etc..), And the garrisons of the dishes (potatoes, vegetables, legumes, etc..) Also has important significance for us as long as a meal in Artusi is cause for satisfaction.

Philosophy - Casa Artusi

In the northern Italian town of Forli (Cesena) is Casa Artusi, a center for culinary research. The center has different spaces like the library (specializing in domestic recipes), cooking school restaurant and various rooms that today also coalesce related events gastronomy and world-renowned (cooking classes, workshops, fairs, exhibitions , etc.).

With a strong cultural imprint dedicated to unifying Pellegrino Artusi as domestic popular recipe is a must-see for students, tourists, and general lovers of fine cuisine made from the products of the earth.

In Artusi restaurant we tried to apply this concept increasingly recognized: the kitchen of km. 0.

Where are

Artusi Restaurant is situated on Plaça de les Castanyes of Girona. In the heart of Old Town, 100 m. Hall and next to the Rambla on a quiet pedestrian area perfect for visiting the most important monuments of the city.


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