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The school currently has the best professionals who are serious and responsible team, young, dynamic and enthusiastic about his passion, paragliding.
Constantly recycled and update their knowledge.

The flying

Orgañá has a special microclimate, which offers travel many days. It is protected from strong winds and Local breeze usually works around sunrise. It allows you to fly all day, the longest two hours without touching the ground.

Fans the world of acrobatics know him very well. For the cross is an area with many possibilities:

  • Return of 40 km with ease
  • Triangles 30 Km
  • Cross 50 km to Puigcerdá
  • etc.

It is an area with strong thermal and restitution strong lasting until sunset or more.
There is also the possibility of hiking and fly des of their tops.

Liftoff is located 280 meters from the landing, accessed by a paved road, des takeoff landing are about 5 minutes by car and 30 minutes walking.

The landing is wide and unobstructed, with strong wind is very turbulent. Services are available. Orgañá Paragliding office is located in the center of Orgañá, in which you can receive information.
Takeoffs alternative, two takeoffs, one 1600metros to antennas with a drop of 1.100metros and another in the village of Figols to 1400metros with a height of 900 meters.

To fly Orgañá you need to follow the regulations of the Federal Aviation Catalana and law enforcement professionals of the Generalitat.

Tandem Flight

Possibly one of the best places in the world to do a tandem flight.

From Orgañá, privileged, see:

  • The Pyrenees
  • The Sierra del Cadi
  • Al Soula
  • The Peak Orri
  • And many more that you can discover yourself!


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