Atlantic sailing cruise Lanzarote - Alicante

Nautic Ocean
Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, Tiana
Deal: 900.00 € 600.00 €

As every year, in Nautic Ocean we prepare to help many sailors cross the Atlantic and perform Travessão. At this time, an ocean sailboat will sail from Lanzarote to Alicante in two stages.

If you would like to cross the Atlantic by sail, but you do not have enough time, this is an experience that will allow you to savor the oceanic navigation with a five-star sailboat: Moschini Sciomachen 56 feet, a sailboat made by a prestigious Italian shipyard.

This experience has an expected duration of one week: a pre- Ceuta one-day stopover, and to Alicante across the Strait of Gibraltar.

You can sail with the spectacular ocean sailboat, this sailboat is the maximum exponent of a sailboat built conscientiously and in an artisanal way by those riverside carpenters who transmitted their knowledge from generation to generation. Pampering each and every one of the materials used, they built solid and solvent ships capable of facing the most demanding sea conditions.

The area has an intense maritime traffic, the most possible sighting of all types of cetaceans: dolphins, whales, calderones, killer whales, and always extreme weather conditions, which is a visual and emotional spectacle difficult to match. In addition to the incentive of being able to glimpse the Spanish and African coast closer than ever with the mythical Tower of Hercules flanking the two continents.

Once we have crossed the Strait, we will sail north along the Spanish coast in search of Alicante.

It is a challenge and at the same time the dream for a large number of lovers of sailing that should undoubtedly meet.

Comfort, safety and fast sailing!


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