Museu Hidroelèctric La Torre de Capdella

The large water reserve of the Vall Fosca, which exceeds 50 million m3, allowed Emili Riu, a journalist and politician from Sort, to project the use of this resource at the end of the 19th century and to build the Capdella hydroelectric plant.

The human factor was decisive in carrying out this pharaonic work and the necessary infrastructure: access roads, funiculars, lanes, canalization of ponds, worker camps, etc. allowed in record time, just two years, to start up the first large hydroelectric power plant in Catalonia.

The space of the Capdella Power Plant Museum allows you to take a tour from when the idea of the hydroelectric power plant arose until it was put into operation in 1914, going through the economic, social and infrastructure changes that it entailed.

This Museum, which is part of the Catalan Science and Technology Museum System, is undoubtedly the best way to pay tribute to the 4,000 people who worked on these facilities and who anonymously contributed to the well-being of citizens from the rest of Catalonia.


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