Marcats pel 38, La Batalla de l'Ebre Corbera d'Ebre

Avinguda Casal, Corbera d'Ebre Corbera d'Ebre

Marked by 38 is a project born with the idea of approaching the battle of the Ebro from a social and community perspective. Little or much we have all heard stories of the fighting and little or much we all believe we understand the conflict. But we understand that in everything that a war entails, we have failed to tell a part of the story, for us a very important part, which is that of those protagonists who historically have not been placed on the historical pedestal they have deserved. Grandparents, grandmothers, fathers, mothers, cousins,... who lived at the doors of the trenches and shelters, or others who went to rear areas. Each and every one of them had to survive however they could. We want to focus on these people and their experiences, on the mark that they left as a generation and that has indirectly influenced future generations, ours.


Activity 1 Europe watches “Els cucucs” (Duration 3 hours)

At the end of September 1938, due to the international tensions that could have foreseen the immediate start of an armed conflict, the fighting in the Ebro intensified. One of the bloodiest battles of the entire war is experienced. The orography of the "cucucs" area where the fighting was taking place, together with the weather, ended up hardening the conditions. They are, without a doubt, the most transcendental days of the Battle of the Ebro.

Activity 2 Combats in the Heights (Hiking duration 5 hours, combining car and hiking 4 hours, only car 3 hours)

On this route, hiking and fighting are combined (it can also be done by car). Battle of the Ebro and Pàndols and later Cavalls are terms that have indisputably always gone hand in hand. Controlling the heights was a priority for both armies. These mountain ranges have the legacy of the toughest fighting of the entire conflict and offer an excellent view of the entire territory where it was fought.

Activity 3 Front line of combat (Duration 3 hours)

In the entrenched areas, the visitor can get an idea of what day-to-day life was like in the war, from the rest areas to the combat zones. The trench networks left nothing to chance, transmission lines, evacuation lines, shooter's nests, among many others. Going through these defensive systems and the orography that accompanies them allows us to understand why the battle of the Ebro was so hard and long.

Prepared to live an experience on the front line of combat!

Activity 4 Corbera under the bombs (Duration 2:30 hours)

If one could speak of a town that was especially punished during the Battle of the Ebro, we would not hesitate to name it Corbera d'Ebre. The town and its term were located in the center of direct action during many combats. Its houses in ruins and its pine forests, still full of shrapnel, explain the cruel witness of what the war meant. Corbera d'Ebre under the pumps is an activity that will reveal incredible stories.

Activity 5 La Terra Alta: a story of wine and war (3 hours)

Both wine and war have been two factors that have conditioned our traditions and ways of life. But it is also true that wine and war are two elements that coexisted and that can hardly be separated. Do you want to discover this peculiar relationship?

On this route we will combine both concepts visiting combat zones with local wines. The sites and warehouses will depend on existing availability.

In the search for it to be the most enriching experience possible, wineries with strong historical roots in the region have been chosen, with wines made with tradition and peculiarities similar to those of the wines of the 30s.


Discover the Battle of the Ebro

Marcats pel 38, La Batalla de l'Ebre Corbera d'Ebre

"Discover the Battle of the Ebro" Guided route through the epicenter of the most decisive battle of the Spanish Civil War. We will understand its difficulty and…

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