Lo Petit Sommelier Falset

C. de Miquel Barceló, 18, Falset
Contact reserves@lopetitsommelier.com

Bistro-type restaurant to enjoy food and wine, where wine gives meaning to its region and food surrounds it.

Lo Petit Sommelier is a space in Falset where wines are treated with all the love they deserve. El Priorat is a region where wines give meaning. Lo Petit Sommelier is created thinking in this wine sense.

What do we do?

  • Private events, celebrations, aperitifs, lunches, dinners. We create your private event. We do it by giving it a personalized spin to make it truly special. Choose the event format that you like best and we will design it for you.
  • Public events. Participation in events in the region: types: The Falset Wine Fair.
  • tastings. Educational wine tastings. Where are the winemakers themselves who tell their wines.
  • Products. Proximity products from local artisans.
  • Game. We love to play and have fun with us. We have our wine Scrabble, a color pantone, and a thousand blackboards to discover while you try.
  • Pairings All wines make sense when you accompany them with food, and all food grows when accompanied by a good wine, so all our dishes will always be well watered!
  • Wine corner. Our restaurant has a space where we have a reference from each DO Montsant and DOQ Priorat winery.
  • As you can see, Lo Petit Sommelier is a versatile place, designed to accommodate different activities. Propose your idea and we will help you organize everything so that it turns out perfect.

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