Cadena Perpetua Room Escape Montcada i Reixac

Carrer Montiu, 14, Montcada i Reixac Montcada i Reixac

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Evasion of Camp 14

the original adventure

In one of the concentration camps of the most hermetic country in the world is Shin, an agent infiltrated by our government. He has been collecting crucial information on the manufacture of nuclear weapons.

A few days ago Shin issued a statement on the radio. We know that he devised an escape plan and that he had everything ready. But we've lost all communication with him.

Infiltrate the Concentration Camp, locate partner Shin, recover the information and return safely.

Live your own adventure being the protagonists of a movie mission in more than 140 square meters of action and fun.

Wide spaces, tests, acting, tension, laughter...

  • Minimum age: 18+ and 8+ with an adult.
  • Players: 2-6.
  • Duration: 90 minutes.
  • Level: Medium.

The KIDS Evasion

Fun for the little ones

Do you want the little ones to enjoy our adventure too? All the action and fun of FIELD 14 adapted for them. Find out!

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