A tale route, the lands of the minairons

A tale route, the lands of the minairons

Do you know who the minairons? Have you heard of these beings working in the forests of fairy tales? You want to know more about these fantastic individuals found in the Pyrenees, and other legends that happen in this country? Then do not miss the route we invite you to make and that passes through the Alt Urgell.

It's on the night of San Juan when you can catch these creatures in the grass and blooming menaironera the Charmed show themselves, we invite you to meet some spaces Township Pyrenean Les Valls d'Aguilar who were narrating legends scenarios the adventures and exploits of the minairons and other characters.

A route that combines the magic of a legendary world that has been passed from generation to generation, with beautiful natural heritage that host these Pyrenean valleys. Minairons Come with to find and delighted during the night of San Juan.

This route has been awarded 23 international tourist Award "Pica d'Estats", organized by the Tourist Board of the Provincial Government of Lleida, in the category of Internet . For femturisme.cat team is extremely proud and therefore we want to share with you all. We hope you enjoy this route.

Who are the minairons?

MINAIRO de les Valls d'Aguilar The minairons are tiny beings like elves and mischievous nature. They often sport a beard and wear a red beret, although it is said that they look indistinguishable because of their size. These also are called Manairons or menairons, by geographic area.

They move, usually in groups and doing different ways. These can be found in the containers where they keep their own (in a joint of needles inside bottles, ...). Or, in the mountains and places during the night of San Juan, as caves or areas where grass flourishes because minairons menaironera can catch on this floor the night of San Juan when the old moon shines.

The minairons are characterized by fantastic creatures and very few workers who have a dual behavior. On one side benefit to its owner at the time of performing tasks and on the other hand, what if you do not give them punished enough work.

It is said that in Pallars had a bottle with hundreds of minairons that when opened only repeated, "What shall we do? What shall we say? ".

Formerly, when in some Pyrenean farmhouse things were going good fortune and luck attributed to minairons as they believed that their inhabitants had a joint with these beings needle inside.

The stone tarteros (Els tarters of rocs)

The route will start in the town of La Guardia d'Ares . Very close to the entrance of the village, located in the forest Obaga the La Guardia , are some scree (lots of loose stones) or "tarters of rocs". These tarters are one of the testimonies that are now proving the incredible strength of the minairons because, they say, it was they who formed the thick stone and very mobile, and boulders.

Dels tarters Els rocs (pels aixecat Manairons) This "pie plate rocs", as has been said, was built by order of the groom minairons by the heir to the Borda's Feu de La Guardia d'Ares , the Ton when to go bragging that he kept the spliff of needles contained the minairons opened it, despite the warnings of his own. Here, therefore, he began demanding job and he ordered them, unexpectedly, that caught all the stones they found and accumulate across the ravine of the house Feu, where it is currently.

Only 12 minutes from La Guardia d'Ares is the nucleus of Taús , which is located in a flat area in the woods, a strange and inexplicable pie. It is believed that, too, was the work of someone minairons after the release and ordered them this work in order to save life. Furthermore, it was also at Taús , as legends tell, where he lived the last Moorish country.

Add that all spaces and items described in this route are illustrated with ceramic murals.

In some areas are closely related minairons Christmas traditions, such as Tio.

Biscarbó dolmen

The next town we visit is the town of Biscarbó accessed by the LV-5134 road. In the Pyrenees, and specifically in Les Valls d'Aguilar , the legend of the minairons not the only one that remains. The Dolmen or Llosa Biscarbó Corralet

In Biscarbó , for example, explains that the dolmen is in the Obac, also known by the common people as the Corralet Llosa, indicates the point where they had buried a king of England who had died in a war that tube place at the end of this town.

It is said that many people have come to Biscarbó to visit the dolmen and unearth a treasure, they say, it seems that is just hidden under the dolmen.

The dolmen Biscarbó is on the top of a mountain, to reach it you have to take the old road that leads to the Tower. From this you can enjoy a panoramic view of Sang and inside you can still see some fragments of pottery.

Formerly, dolmens cabins were understood as similar to those of the Moors as people did not understand how they could move these large stones. Since at that time the Moors were so feared and were recognized for their great strength, they believed that they had been easily placed.

The Mystery of the Enchanted

The following people who made ??this story path is Castellàs of sang , in this we can know who were the Charmed, other fantastic beings related to water.

I encantades of Castellàs Castellàs is a core which is drained by the River Castellàs. It is therefore likely be able to find some Enchanted, only the night of San Juan in the woods with predominantly moorland, shrubs and pines.

In addition, for these characters you must know that the Charmed, specifically, were very, very small women who spent their days hidden in the bottom of the pools of water, except the night of San Juan, when they dared to get out. These puddles left overnight to wash clothes, which was very well regarded by the common people as it was like a treasure. It is said that who got a piece of washing clothes Enchanted ensured avoid the misery at home.

The other legends, Argestues and Segre Noves

To finish the route and discover what remains of this legendary world will make one last stop in the towns of Noves de Segre and Argestues . The small core of Argestues , also called Argestugues, is located in the river valley Pallarols can visit the church of Santa Coloma d'Argestues, which has been amended from the Romanesque.

Dels Llegendes Pyrenees The legends are instruments that allow us to remember events that have a reasonable and logical explanation. These have been passed, in time, from generation to generation, which has allowed nowadays, these human explanations have survived. This would explain, for example, the formation of the Pyrenees mountains.

Legend has it that God decided the world level that existed before would be abrupt. So he took a sack full of stones and threw wherever he chose. The bag was so heavy that finally broke and all the stones ended up in the same place, between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. So these stones have created the mountains of the Pyrenees.

Les Valls d'Aguilar have a large number of these narratives that explain the stories of fantastic creatures or strange phenomena.

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