September 11, the Catalan National Day 2024

September 11, the Catalan National Day 2024

The Diada of September 11, in memory of the end of the War of Succession in 1714, is declared a National Holiday of Catalonia. On the occasion of that day, various institutional events and demonstrations are organized and, in addition, it is a public holiday throughout Catalonia.

The National Day of Catalonia is celebrated to commemorate the end of the War of Succession of 1714 when on September 11 of the same year the last defense of Barcelona took place after 14 months of siege against the Duke of Berwick. In fact, the Diada commemorates a defeat in which the country's freedoms were lost.

The National Holiday began to be commemorated in 1886, with a more cultural air and not as political as it is now. The festival was started by a sector of the Catalan Center and was held in the Basilica of Santa María del Mar in Barcelona. A funeral was held there to remember the deceased Barcelonans killed against the Bourbon troops of 1714 in memory "of those who died in defense of the homeland and Catalan liberties".

The date became a day of defense of rights and freedoms. Likewise, the Onze de Setembre has become a claim for the identity of Catalonia.

During the Day of Catalonia there are different popular and commemorative events that make this festivity a long-awaited day for many Catalans. Likewise, there are numerous free activities that can be carried out with a cultural nature and that are part of Catalan folklore. In various towns offerings are made, sardanas are danced or days of castelleras are held. Many cultural centers also organize activities that invite you to discover more about Catalan society and its traditions.

Below you will find several acts and events that you can attend the next Diada de Catalunya:

Catalonia before 1714

The coronelas and their battalions in 1714

1714 Route

The battles of 1714

Trying the 1714 food

Barcelona's defenders guilds in 1714 (Part I)

The main characters in the the siege of 1714

Barcelona defenders Guilds in 1714 (Part II)

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