Respect everyone

Respect everyone

When traveling to a new place, it is important to remember that we are entering a different environment, with its own traditions, customs and norms. Therefore, it is essential to show respect towards the local inhabitants, their culture and their heritage while visiting.

Below, we give you a series of tips so that your stay in Catalonia is respectful to everyone:

Respect local traditions and customs

Catalonia has a rich history and its own culture, with unique traditions and customs. It is important to show interest and respect for these traditions and customs, and be willing to learn more about them. Avoid judging or ridiculing what is different from what you are used to, and try to participate respectfully if given the opportunity.


In Catalonia, there is a wide variety of activities and attractions that can be enjoyed by everyone. Respect for gender and sexual orientation diversity is an essential part of responsible tourism. In Catalonia , accessible and inclusive spaces are promoted, ensuring that visitors feel accepted and respected at all times.

Respect the identities and needs of all people, and work to create a welcoming and respectful environment for all. Promoting inclusive and accessible tourism not only improves the visitor experience, but also contributes to building a more egalitarian and tolerant society.

Respect the rules of behavior

As a tourist, it is important to follow the rules of behavior established in the place you are visiting. In Catalonia, as anywhere else, respect the rules of civility, such as respecting public spaces, not making excessive noise and being aware of local times. This will help maintain harmonious coexistence with local inhabitants.

Respect sacred and religious places

Catalonia has numerous sacred and religious places with great meaning for local inhabitants. If you visit these sites, do so with respect and consideration. Follow local guidelines, avoid taking photographs when not permitted, and respect any celebrations or ceremonies taking place at these sites.

With a respectful and open attitude, you will be able to fully enjoy your tourist experience in Catalonia!

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