Chestnut Fair of Viladrau

25/10/2019 - 27/10/2019

The Fair of the Chestnut of Viladrau has been celebrated since 1995 with the purpose of developing a commercial activity that combines culture, nature and the recovery of a product of the land as unknown and so ours as is the chestnut of Viladrau and Montseny.

Until the middle of the twentieth century the chestnut of Viladrau was the most valued of the chestnuts that were commercialized in Catalonia. The famous castañeras of Barcelona only wanted to toast chestnut of Viladrau.

The Montseny chestnut, which is raised and bright, sweet and easy to copper, is collected under controlled environmental conditions within the Montseny Natural Park.

The Fair of the Chestnut of Viladrau will surprise you by the singularity of its products, by the explosion of colors of the autumnal landscapes and by the majesty of the chestnuts centenarians

The Fair of the Chestnut of Viladrau has become a unique fair located in a privileged environment, the Natural Park of the Montseny, Biosphere Reserve. A fair where gastronomy, leisure and entertainment for all ages fill a town and a landscape with chestnut, autumn and All Saints as protagonists, where culture, tradition and commercial activity go hand in hand.

Gastronomic tasting - itineraries guided by the chestnut trees - testarral of fire and chestnut Viladrau, raw and toast - playful and cultural activities for all ages - products of the earth - exhibitions - chestnut eating contest - music - workshops, short stories... and lots of amazing activities.

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