Tubs among vineyards in the Pont de Vilomara i Rocafort

El Pont de Vilomara i Rocafort (a 14.4 Km)

Hundred and fifty years the region of Bages was practically carpeted with vineyards, farmers excelled in building elements that helped them work more comfortably…

Route through the Torres de Fals in Fonollosa

Fonollosa (a 15.4 Km)

We propose a visit to the towers of Fals, in Fonollosa, a set of buildings for defense made up of two cylindrical towers raised on two nearby hills, in the middle…

Path of the natural parks

Aiguafreda, Canet de Mar, Gelida, Olesa de Montserrat ... (a 15.6 Km)

Starting and ending on the shores of the Mediterranean, the Sendero de los Parques Naturales (210 km), also known as Sendero de los Miradores, makes an arc towards…

The passions

Cervera, Esparreguera, Olesa de Montserrat, Sant Hilari Sacalm ... (a 15.9 Km)

Catalonia is a country with a wide range of customs and traditions. Almost every month of the year there is a festivity to celebrate that makes us travel through…

Castellsapera and Tres Cruces Hill Route

Terrassa, Vacarisses (a 16.4 Km)

Less known than the neighboring mountain range of Sant Llorenç del Munt, the Obac mountain range is a good place to get lost and discover some of the rock…

Route of the three hermitages in Olesa de Montserrat

Olesa de Montserrat (a 17.2 Km)

It is a route that allows you to enjoy the surroundings and visit the three hermitages that make up the Olesan heritage: the hermitage of Sant Jaume, Sant Pedre…

1714 Route

Barcelona, Cardona, Cervera, Els Prats de Rei ... (a 17.3 Km)

Since 1980 Catalonia is celebrated National Day on September 11. This holiday commemorates the defeat suffered by the Catalan people against the troops of Philip…

Route of the Battle of Prats de Rei

Els Prats de Rei (a 17.3 Km)

This route includes the main historical areas of the battle of Els Prats de Rei , which occurred in 1711 during the War of the Succession. The route can be done…

Route astronomical observatories of Catalonia

Àger, Albanyà, Esterri d'Àneu, Olivella ... (a 18.5 Km)

To look at the sky has never been boring, there is not a single day that we find the clouds in the same position, we observe clearly all the stars or the moon shines…

The river road in the Alt Penedès

Mediona, Sant Pere de Riudebitlles, Sant Quintí de Mediona, Sant Sadurní d'Anoia ... (a 19.3 Km)

Sant Sadurní d'Anoia offers a wide range of activities for the whole family, routes and places to visit, in an environment of vineyards and cellars that…

Flower and garden fairs

Girona, Palafrugell, Santpedor (a 19.6 Km)

In April comes the hand of spring, the season of rebirth that will last until June that is when it gives way to summer. At this time of year the temperatures begin…

Fairs, cowherd boys, games and theater to celebrate Christmas

Barcelona, Calaf, Corbera de Llobregat, Espinelves ... (a 20.8 Km)

With December comes the cold and the desire to be at home near the fireplace or heating, but these dates allow us to discover Christmas traditions that are celebrated…

Montcau and La Mola from the neck of Estenalles

Mura, Sant Llorenç Savall (a 22.4 Km)

Few routes are more classic than this itinerary through the peaks of the Sant Llorenç del Munt and l'Obac Natural Park. La Mola is one of the most frequented…

Environmental route along the Cardener de Súria river

Súria (a 22.7 Km)

This circular route in Súria will take you to discover the historical, environmental and social importance of the Cardener River by going upstream and crossing…

Itinerary through the Lari vineyard, in Súria

Súria (a 22.7 Km)

This route will take us through a landscape of ancient vineyards where we will find remains of dry stone wine constructions. Difficulty: easy Distance: 7.7 kilometers…

Walk to the Argençola ice well

Argençola (a 23.4 Km)

It is a short and easy, circular itinerary that we propose and that begins in the town of Argençola. At one time or another, before leaving, we recommend…

A walk through the shady Clariana

Argençola (a 23.4 Km)

The beautiful corners of the stream of Clariana, we will enter umbría up in the ditch Socarrada with pretty narrow, reaching the crest of Cantagallo and…

Walking through the Romanesque of Argençola

Argençola (a 23.4 Km)

From femturisme, with the collaboration of the City of Argençola we propose you to take a walk through four churches of the municipality. We will start this…


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