Ivars Lake and Vila-sana Route

Ivars Lake and Vila-sana Route

The Ivars and Vila-sana pond is a surprising natural space due to its large dimensions. Recovered in 2005 after it was dried out in 1951, it has become the most important wetland in inland Catalonia and a meeting point for ornithologists.

You can walk around the lake, but you can also go by bike; In rent to the arrival points, where you can also find binoculars and all the necessary information to make a good tour. If you want, you can ask for a guided tour.

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The route can be done on foot or by bicycle, leaving from either of the two arrival points located in the Vila-sana and Ivars d'Urgell car parks , where the visitor service points are located.

The itineraries allow you to do everything in the pond, they are duly signposted, there are information panels on flora and fauna, they are adapted, they are straight and allow access to viewpoints, observatories, piers and limited fishing areas. The observation of birds and waterfowl is one of its attractions, especially since it is within the circuit of the migratory routes.

The peculiar characteristics of this natural space allow the observation of birds and aquatic birds, flora and fauna characteristic of the environment. The surveillance points are strategically located on the route, where you can also see the Camargue horses that graze through the purification reed. A unique space.

Source: Penelles Town Hall

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