Route of Miquel Martí i Pol

Route of Miquel Martí i Pol

A decade ago the popular poet of Roda de Ter Miquel Martí i Pol said goodbye. His life and some of his verses are totally linked to this osonenca villa as there was the eyes, where he studied, where he worked, where he lived and where he rests where opened. With the route we start now discover some of the important places in the life story of the poet and others are described in his verses.

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The poet of the people

Route of Miquel Martí i Pol (Miquel Marti I Pol) A little interested?? in the literature or Catalan poetry will know who was Miquel Martí i Pol. For many christened the people 's poet, was born in Roda de Ter on March 19, 1929, and died in Vic 11 November 2003, leaving an important question, especially in the genre of poetry, but also as a writer and translator work. Among his best - known books are words to the wind (1954), Factory (1972), The scope of all areas (1981), Book of Solitudes (1997) and, especially, Dear Marta (1978), which lead sold more than 100,000 copies, an extraordinary figure for a poetry book written in Catalan. The image we have of him in recent decades is linked to that of the wheelchair and difficulties in movement and speech, because of multiple sclerosis. Collaborations with singer - songwriter Lluís Llach, and many other artists who have set to music poems of Martí i Pol, increased even more, if possible, the popularity of the poet.

So, we will know the places of Miquel Martí i Pol in his hometown, Roda de Ter. The municipality is located 8 kilometers from the capital of the region, Vic, and it joins the C-153. To zoom in Osona you can do so via the C-17 and C-25. It can also be reached by bus from Vic and Osona from other municipalities.

The route runs entirely by urban land, so do not need any special footwear, beyond comfortable walking one.

The factory and the birthplace

Perhaps most logical to start the way the house where he was born and lived the first years, but we will do much better in the factory where he worked, and we will not have to go and come back. In fact, this is not exactly an itinerary following the chronology of the life of Martí i Pol.

The textile factory known as the Blue (the name of the company was e Hijos room key) is in the street of the Costa del Ter. We found beside the river. In the factory the poet went every morning for 29 years, making administrative, until the progression of the disease was prevented.

Route of Miquel Martí i Pol (Fabrica Tecla Sala Blue) Blue opened in 1956 and went on to provide work for about 10% of the population of Roda de Ter, and 400 workers at the same time. It is a large industrial complex that 1999 finally closed the doors and was abandoned, and five years later was purchased by the City of the population with the aim of making new equipment. The economic crisis, however, has been delayed remodeling, and only in 2013 was opened the garden party. In one of the side door, two portraits in relief of a girl who is working the cotton bring to Leonor memory poem by Martí i Pol, the young woman who began working at age 14 and three hours, wearing braids and she says "yes sir" and "good afternoon".

Following the street from the Costa del Ter find the Plaza de las Tres Fuentes and then the street of the Virgin Land Bridge. Now, at number 18 of this route we will visit the birthplace of the poet. It is a simple building, like the others in the same street, ground floor and two floors, with the facade painted maroon. If these tracks are not deciphered what is, no need to worry because next to the door we see a considerable plate specified, and these verses of Martí i Pol:

Route of Miquel Martí i Pol (Casa Natal Miquel Marti I Pol) " I live in a small town,
in a small country
and yet, I want to make it clear
I write this I write for everyone,
and for me it is as if the whole world
revolve around the axis of my poems. "

The Old Bridge

The poet did not have to go far to get married for the first time. It was on May 7, 1956 and the place chosen by him and his wife Dolors Feixas, with which they knew from school, was the chapel Sòl del Pont, who are at the end of the road from the birthplace. A simple chapel, built between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries, which keeps an image of the Virgin Pont sun, patron of Roda de Ter, with the right child in his left knee. From the door of the chapel has a pretty photographed from the perspective of the people who is on the other side of the river, and the Old Bridge, which will cross below.

Route of Miquel Martí i Pol (Old Bridge De Roda De Ter) There are signs that already in Roman times was a bridge in this place; one need not be an expert in architecture to see that the bridge we see today is much more recent. In fact, it has had to remodel several times because of the strength that often leads Ter these latitudes. The Old Bridge not only saves over the river, but also the slope of the land, as the part of town where we come from is deeper than that now come on, and therefore the bridge makes a slight rise up to take us in front church of San Pedro. the unique double row of arches of the bridge dates from 1898.

As for the parish church of San Pedro, the main religious temple of the town and where Martí i Pol was baptized, there are references from the twelfth century, but its present appearance corresponds to XVIII. If you are interested in visiting the interior, you can ask for the key in the rectory.

The Verdaguer Peña

Route of Miquel Martí i Pol (Literary Peña Verdaguer Marti I Pol Roda De Ter) After the welcome given to us on this side of the river the church of San Pedro, the left behind following the street Pere Almeda and reaching the main square, where we currently do not entertain us because we plan to finish here our tour. So just past the square, we take the right-hand street Joan Mas up to the square of the Poet. In this place, now modernized with curious arches made ​​of willow, called Literary Peña Verdaguer, which were part among others Martí i Pol, Emili Teixidor or Josep Clarà, which aimed to promote the study and promotion met the Catalan literature. It was also in this place that they all celebrated the achievement of the Little Dipper Poetry Prize Martí i Pol issue in 1953 by the wind.

We graveyard to play. He is buried the poet and remembers a sculpture that simulates a shelf of books. We can also read a poem of his, certainly adequate for the place:

Route of Miquel Martí i Pol (Graffiti Miquel Marti I Pol Roda de Ter) "One day I will be dead
and still be late
in the peace of the ways
in the bright green fields,
in birds and in the air
quietly friend,
and the passage of those men
do not know and love.

One day I will be dead
and still be late
in the eyes of women
it approaches and kisses me,
in early music
any tune,
or even, in an object,
the most intimate and clear,
or perhaps in my verses.

Tell me what prodigy
Afternoon ago so sweet
and so intense at once,
and what meadow or what cloud
He deputed my joy,
because I know enduring
in the things around me,
and I know someone, in time,
you'll notice my memory. "

Residential and Cultural wheel

We leave the cemetery and walk through several residential streets of Roda de Ter, as are the Guilleries, good friend and Pep Ventura (formerly The Rampant). We found a bust of another known child population, Francesc Macia and Ambert 'Bac de Roda', who died in Vic and in November, but in this case 1713 and after having had a prominent role in the course of war of Succession next to Austria. The same character is dedicated one of the most commercial and busy streets of the city and now headed. Street what catches our attention is a brick building and modernist aspect, the Eliseo Theatre, raised in 1931 and once owned by the Cooperative 1st Ter. Here the films are projected and theater grew, and Martí i Pol sure went through many hours.

You see, if not, saying to Meditation first:

Route of Miquel Martí i Pol (Busto Bac De Roda Roda De Ter) "Bridge Street,
Old Bridge,
Pedro Almeda Street,
Main Square
and in Bach Street.

O well:
Plaza Catalunya,
Upper Street,
Main Square
and in Bach Street.

Or still:
Calle de Ferran Alsina,
Calle de la Diputación
and again in Bach Street.

And in Bach Street,
the very beginning of the street in Bach,
facing each other,
Bar and Film.

And at night the same itinerary,
but in reverse.

Here on Sunday. "

Route of Miquel Martí i Pol (Library Roda De Ter Teatro Eliseo) Today the Eliseo Theatre continues to fulfill the functions for which it was designed, and also hosts the library containing the bibliographic and the personal archive of Miquel Martí i Pol. The same road leads to the main square, where, now, we can entertain, relax from our walk, and if you want, check out a book of poems, such as the village, and finish imbibe the atmosphere of Roda de Ter and words of Martí i Pol.

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