We do scuba diving in Catalonia

We do scuba diving in Catalonia

Are you passionate about scuba diving or have you always had the urge to try it? From femTurisme.cat we propose some places to enjoy underwater.

In the three coastal provinces of Catalonia, Girona, Barcelona and Tarragona, we find great places to do dives, which have become wonders of the Mediterranean. There are no excuses!

Are you still not scuba divers?

No problem! The practice of diving, which is spreading a lot in recent years, is available to anyone, provided they know how to swim and be able to move inside the water.

Unlike other sports, for the practice of scuba diving it is compulsory to have done a training course, where they will provide you with all the adequate theoretical knowledge and acquire the necessary practical skills to be able to master the diving equipment. Finally, a simple examination will be carried out in all the competitions that will certify you as a diver and you will have your qualification.

The most widespread degrees in our country are the FEDAS / CMAS (Spanish Federation of Underwater Activities / World Confederation of Underwater Activities), or the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).

At the end of the article we recommend some centers where you can take the training courses.

Diving in the Costa Brava

In the province of Girona, and more specifically on the Costa Brava, we recommend the following places:

the Acebuches

It is about three mountains below sea level that are less than a kilometer from the coast. The farthest is the most impressive and, at a depth of between 25 and 35 meters, you will find a large concentration of gorgonians, as well as conger eels and groupers.

The Ants Islands

These are a group of granite islets with a long history of shipwrecks. In fact, next to the lighthouse you will see a plaque commemorating a battle in which more than 15 French galleons sank in 1285. The transparent waters are perfect for diving. You can even find small sea horses.

Cap de Creus

It is the easternmost point of the Iberian Peninsula and the first marine nature park in Catalonia. Under the water we will find great slopes that fall to depths of more than 50 meters, as well as sunken ships, mysterious caves and attractive species such as grouper, red coral, red gorgonians, lobsters and crab.

Some of the best places for diving can be found in the Mar de Abajo area. Remember that this is a deep immersion area with the presence of currents.

Medes Islands

This archipelago was a pirate refuge for centuries. Its seabed is protected, making it very easy to find large species. Its famous grouper is the subject of numerous underwater photographs.

One of the best known places for diving is the Túnel de la Vaca, a corridor (ideal for novice divers) that offers spectacular effects with the reflection of light

Being a marine reserve, you must pay a fee for access, since the dive centers will process it all the time. Remember that there is a maximum number of divers allowed to access different areas each day.

Diving in the Costa de Barcelona

Sometimes people wonder if you can really dive near big cities, because the answer is yes. At about 15 kilometers from the city of Barcelona there is the possibility to enjoy diving and see, for example, the impressive "underwater flights" of the eels.

To the south of the province of Barcelona there is also the Garraf massif, which creates cliffs over 200 meters high. The dives from the port of Vilanova are interesting, like the one of the Brutus, one of a great strip of posidonias that extends parallel with the line of the coast, from Sitges to Vilanova and the Geltrú, between 14 and 20m of depth.

Diving in the Costa Dorada

If you like sunken ships, Tarragona is your place, since it has several, such as La Vite, an old tuna fishing boat where you will find conger eels, lobsters, croaker and even some nudibranch.

Also highlights The Rogelia, 23 meters deep, or one of the most famous, The Cavour, a steamboat at a depth of 52 meters, which was sunk by a German submarine in 1917, you need a high level of experience to explore it.



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