Get closer to the Catalan choral movement

Get closer to the Catalan choral movement

The songs often tell us the history of the peoples. Through what we sing and have heard sing we could describe facts, adventures and misadventures that tell us about feats, memory, customs, traditions, parties and laments of some people and a common place.

An important part of our culture would not be understood without this legacy. It is what integrates an important part of our heritage and that we label as choral singing.

It is thanks to this tradition, distilled through the ages in imaginative choral versions and harmonizations, that we reach such emblematic songs as "The boy of the mother", "The song of the birds", "The gifted mountains", "The testament of Amelia "or" The Reapers ".

All this shows us that choral singing is alive today, it has strength, and above all it has the capacity to cross borders, a good example is the large number of choirs and chorals that we find in all corners of Catalonia.

Do you want to experience the Catalan choral movement and all its activities?

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