Contest of 'Cassoles de Tros' in Juneda

From 01/06/2024 to 02/06/2024

Juneda (a 18.1 Km)

Les Garrigues Guarnides (The Garrigues in Bloom)

From 24/05/2024 to 08/06/2024

Arbeca ... (a 17.7 Km)

Culture Programa't from February to June in Alcarràs

03/02/2024 ...

Alcarràs (a 10.2 Km)

Tastavins Fair in Juneda


Juneda (a 18.1 Km)

Verbena of San Juan in Sidamon


Sidamon (a 17.3 Km)


3-day adventure pack with Indoor Bouldering

Boulder Indoor (Lleida) (a 3.3 Km)

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