Meeting of the Giants of Les Borges Blanques


Les Borges Blanques (a 5.2 Km)

One more year the Meeting of Giants, Grallers and Correfocs of Les Borges Blanques is celebrated, an act that has been held on the first Saturday of September since…

Run and Walk of the Tossal de les Tenalles in Sidamon


Sidamon (a 12.5 Km)

Sidamon celebrates a new edition of the Tozal de las Tenazas Race and Walk! This initiative replaces the old Sidamon Urban Mile and has been launched by the Sidamon…

Summer Festival in Fondarella

01/09/2023 - 04/09/2023

Fondarella (a 11.2 Km)

Fondarella dresses up to receive her Summer Festival! A few intense days of events and activities for the whole family! This festival is one of the most important…

Les Borges Blanques Festival

01/09/2023 - 05/09/2023

Les Borges Blanques (a 5.2 Km)

Les Borges Blanques enjoys its Festival at the beginning of September. The most outstanding events include the Meeting of giants, grallers and correfocs, a tradition…

Fulleda Heroic Fair


Fulleda (a 12 Km)

With the Fulleda Heroic Fair returns to the 18th century! The Heroic Fair, the festival of the Agustina of Aragon, which this Sunday fills this small town in the…

Scoring Test for the Catalonia Agility Championship in Sidamon

16/09/2023 - 17/09/2023

Sidamon (a 12.5 Km)

The best dogs in Catalonia this weekend will be in Sidamon! On Saturday, September 16 and Sunday, September 17, the events qualifying for the Catalunya Agility…

Giant pumpkin fair in Sidamon


Sidamon (a 12.5 Km)

A new edition of the Giant Pumpkin Fair is coming to Sidamon! It will have an exhibition of artisan pieces with giant pumpkins, stalls of local artisan products,…


Discover the Monastery of Santa Maria de Vallbona - single entry…

Reial Monestir de Santa Maria de Vallbona (Vallbona de les Monges) (a 13.6 Km)

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