Formatgeria La Clua Artesa de Segre

Partida Clua, 2, (La Clua). Artesa de Segre

Currently, Clua remains one of the main producers of Montsec Cheese. On the other hand, it still retains its constitution of small rural town with an incipient population density.

The Soft of the Clua

The rudimentary and self-taught cheese making by the young people of Clua generated unique cheeses, which can be enjoyed today and which are a harmonious example of balance between tradition and modernity.

As is the case with Suave de la Clua, made with raw goat milk but matured between 60 and 90 days, possibly, for this reason, its paste stands out for being semi hard.

Its flavor is intense and incisive with some aromas of nuts and its smell reminds of a humid forest.


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