El Trill, Associació cultural del terme d’Argençola Argençola

Major s/n Argençola

It is an association formed by residents of Argençola (Anoia), which includes the nuclei of Carbasí, Clariana, Els Plans de Ferran, Porquerises, Rocamora, Albarells and La Goda.


Its purpose is the preservation and promotion of the natural environment, culture, customs, festivals, traditions and history of the municipality of Argençola. To carry out its purposes, the Association organizes all kinds of events throughout the year.

Featured acts

Market of the species and products of the earth, celebrated in June.

Exchange market for seeds of the Interior Catalonia that is usually celebrated in March.

Cultural walks and recognition of the Argençola term, throughout the year.

More information

In the link of its web, you can find extensive information about its activities.

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