Cau de Llops La Vansa i Fórnols

6G7C+3R, Padrinàs La Vansa i Fórnols

Sled dog activities

Cau de llops is located within the Tuixent-la Vansa Nordic ski resort, in the Alt Urgell region on the border with Solsonès. This location on the northern slope of the Port del Comte mountain range favors good weather conditions for the practice of mushing.

In Cau de llops you can do circuits with sled dogs almost all year round, both in the snowy season and in the rest of the months when they use a sled.

The snow sled circuits are carried out on wide tracks of the same station. You can do a route sitting on the sled and enjoy the experience and the landscape or even venture to drive a sled!

Other activities with dogs are also carried out, such as cani-rando excursions or routes with mountain scooters where the dog pulls the scooter.

Throughout the year you will be able to meet the more than 25 Siberian Husky dogs that coexist in balance in its facilities, where you can enter and be with them while taking pictures of them or giving them prizes.

You can also go on snowshoe excursions, orienteering circuits or practice archery.

Access is easy and there is parking nearby.

They offer activities for all audiences designed for families, groups of friends, schools and companies.


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