The sweetest route in La Selva, a route for the sweet tooth


The sweetest route in La Selva, a route for the sweet tooth

Surely you sound French phrase Brillat-Savarin says: "Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are". We could adapt the this time and say: "Tell me what you eat and I will tell you where you are".

Who has not gone to any people and try your product has been typical either wine or fish dish? Or who has never seen as a particular cake recipe handed down from generation to generation?

Clearly, what I want to recommend this month is a gastronomic route FemTurisme framed exactly the Girona region of the Forest, we can consider the sweetest region of Catalonia.

This is a circular route that runs for ten different peoples and different bakeries linking to us, in which we will stand and we know their best specialties that we disclosed characteristic features of each population.

A recommended route around for more sugary and sweet tooth in the house!

The Rierencs; Cellerenca specialty

Els CELLERA Rierencs of Ter The route that we present this month begins on Ter CELLERA and ends in Angles , or nearly at the same point, since they are neighboring towns.

The Cellera de Ter , part of the eastern massif Guilleries is 166 meters from the sea. Although, there is a dry town since its term runs Ter river and the Riera d'Osorno.

The presence of the river Ter Ter CELLERA has influenced the identity of the town, so that in this population there is a typical cookie craft known as rierencs and reminiscent in shape Ter river stones.

This is the first sweet we suggest you to try to make your mouth water.

With a whim ...

Current ... following the Sant Hilari waters, entering the woods of Aabúcies and reaching the township of television, Breda.

Caoricis d'Amer (dolça month Route de la Selva) A little further up is the municipality of Amer where you can taste the capricis they are the best companion to visit the village.

So are the rocs and ametllats. The former are cookies stones commemorating allowed Amer build the monastery and you can not miss.

From Amer continue Osorno direction, following the Gi-542 road to get to Sant Hilari Sacalm .

Sure we all do that when we hear this name comes automatically in your head an image associated with this population, water. In fact, throughout the term of Sant Hilari there are a hundred medicinal water sources, therefore also called "the town of a hundred sources."

Pessic Pa d'Arbúcies However, from now on we can associate another product with this population, Fonts de Sant Hilari biscuits and cookies Aromes, some sweets that have all of Sant Hilari Sacalm and really, as the name suggests, we will remember the smells of this town.

Also, Sant Hilari Sacalm has been called the capital of Guilleries as it is surrounded by this mountain. In these natural places and lived the legendary outlaw known Catalan "Serrallonga", who worked in Can Tarrés (house located in the municipality of Sant Hilari ).

Ametllats of Breda (Ventdelplà) The next stop to realize is Arbúcies . To get down the road we'll Gi-550. In this municipality as traditional and framed in an idyllic and bucolic can take the typical pa Pessic cake, which has been developed since the nineteenth century. Imagine if it's the same old recipe.

Only 15 minutes from Arbúcies and descending on the foot of Montseny find the municipality of Breda where we can savor the ametllats xerrics and somewhere in the town that we locate and remind us of the known scenarios Catalonia Television series, Ventdelplà.

The xerrics are crunchy biscuits that are named why do xerricar les dents (making noises with his teeth). As for ametllats, these are also a fruit crackers made ??from which the same name, almonds.

Arena and grocery rough stone and Vilobí d'Onyar Riudarenes

As already mentioned, gastronomy shows characteristic features of the region has been developed.

Ermita de Sant Llop to Volcà Crossa (Vilobí d'onyar) Tosquigets In this case, if we continue down the road we arrived at Gi-552 Riudarenes , a city noted for the presence of estuaries and sand, as the name suggests, and where it is possible to confuse the sorrencs with a few grains of sand (sorra) . These (sorrencs cookies) are made ??from hazelnuts biscuits that try to mimic this element so characteristic of Riudarenes , which can be seen in many parts of the municipality.

In contrast, in Vilobí d'Onyar your cookies mimic stone Crossa volcano. This is a huge volcano that has in its crater the hermitage of Sant Llop.

Cookies, tosquigets calls, are dark and crispy on the outside and inside colors.

Vichy Catalan Caldes and relationship of Malavella

Caldes de Malavella is another interesting towns to visit Forest and is included on this route.

Galetes Vichy (Caldes de Malavella) Roman remains and medieval and modernist heritage noucentista preserved in this town allow us to make a journey through his own story.

Also, the Vichy cookies we recall the construction of Balneario Vichy Catalan in 1898.

The opening of this building, which is Mudejar style that exploits the thermal waters of the municipality, led to the arrival of the first tourists to the town.

If you are tired may raise the possibility can relax in these waters hydrotherapy and energy healing to catch and follow the path below.

A sweet flowers Farners modernist

The route continues to Santa Coloma de Farners .

This town is known for its biscuits known by the name of teules that still are made ??in the bakery and the Tuyarro Trias.

Galetes of Santa Coloma de Farners (Galetes Tries) We recommend that once you meet in this town, and you see alcéis sight above the top of the castle Farners wind. This castle has had a great role in the history of Santa Coloma de Farners and for this reason there are cookies called Farners Flors (flowers) in tribute to the environment that hosts the fortification. It is a very good souvenir to take on this people!

And with a full stomach and sweet tongue will we end up in Angles .

This town, which is the last that integrates this route offers the modernists. A fantastic cake (Pessic pa) over a hundred years of tradition and has since developed the same mold can. Ideal to enjoy while watching the building noucentista and Ash Can masoveria.

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