The "fet casteller"


Castles are one of the quintessential traditions of Catalan culture, hundreds of people joined by defy gravity and climb over each other to create buildings that have reached ten stories. Small enxanetes crowning the structure when they raise their hand, are symbols representing the castles, but the strength, balance, courage and responsibility behind this gesture have allowed this old tradition is maintained and even put us goosebumps.

Delving into the fet casteller during the month of August is moving to Camp de Tarragona and Penedès regions that are home to this tradition, which currently houses most major colles and performances of the season.


The fet casteller

The fet casteller Fet casteller To understand, one must know that it is an activity of the early nineteenth century and linked to source party dances the South country people of Catalonia, which ended with small buildings. It is believed that create rivalry based these constructions to appear higher than they know today as castles or castles.

The buildings include the width (the number of people on each floor) and height (the number of people on top of each other) taking into account the pineapple (the base of the castle) and children up alone to the top (acotxador and enxaneta) count as separate floors. When a lift achieved colla six-story castle is considered to already have enough current level for the square and best colles up nine-story buildings, and at peak times up to ten floors.

The fet casteller is characterized by the union of many generations with one goal, to be in a place where everyone can have a role, being an activity that binds equally common sense and madness.

Agriculture and rivalry castellera in Valls

The fet casteller For 55 years the center of the city of Valls hosts the Firagost, a showroom and sale of items related to the field and traditional local items: wine, champagne, nuts, crafts, farm machinery, animals ... On Wednesday August 5 in the afternoon, in the midst of this scenario held a meeting with the two colles casteller city, the Colla Jova Valls Xiquets red shirt, and Colla Vella dels Valls Xiquets pink shirt.

The fact that a city of 24,000 inhabitants has two castelleres colles centuries and located in front of the classification of castles, castles rising up nine ten floors, is a unique event. The rivalry between the two groups is very palpable in proceedings where they come face to face and in your town, a show we invite you to see live in the capital of Alt Camp.

The Mother of Diós August in La Bisbal del Penedès

On August 15, The Mother of God of August is a public holiday throughout Spain and Festival in La Bisbal del Penedès , a small town of 2,500 inhabitants who sees multiply their population casteller occasion of a meeting. They bring together three of the world's best casteller colles that move, each, about three hundred people and a large number of audiences all over Catalonia.

Sant Magi colorful city of Tarragona

The fet casteller A few days later we moved to Tarragona , where every August 19 colles meet four of the city to celebrate the National Day of Sant Magi Castellera. The Xiquets of Tarragona with grated red and white shirt, the Jove of Tarragona Xiquets purple shirt, Xiquets the Seraglio with blue shirt, and Castellars de Sant Pere and Sant Pau green shirt, fill the Plaça de les Cols of colors and life under an imposing August sun.

The rivalry of the action takes place between the first two Xiquets colles and Tarragona Tarragona Xiquets Jove, since both are located in the top ten world colles casteller, raising constructions eight to nine floors, and ensuring a high show. The other two colles the Seraglio and Sant Pere and Sant Pau (two districts of Tarragona ) are at the lower classification castles rising six floors and occasionally seven.

Colla arboç one among the largest small

The fet casteller City Arboç has hosted great performances throughout history even though the population has not always had colla. The city colla, els Minyons de l'Arboç red shirt, born in the middle of the last century, in 1958, but was inactive almost thirty years, from 1974 to 2003, when large hold based on the square dyad people retook the colla arbocencs to make castles take eight floors.

On August 23, the day that celebrates the most outstanding performance castellera with Local colla colles and three great guests, also celebrated another famous traditional festival, the carretillada. This is a show fugo where for nearly thirty minutes without pause, a corner of the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de l'Arboç are full of fire.

St. Felix, the quintessential castellera dyad

The fet casteller We can not talk of castles and performances of August without destroying the great event of the season, the Day of St. Felix in Vilafranca , August 30.

It is a place where under the present sunshine and amid the crowd comes together there occurs greatest performance of the season. The square top four ranking colles casteller, Castellars de Vilafranca Xiquets Colla Vella de Valls, the Colla Joves Valls Xiquets Terrassa Minyons els with mauve shirt, meet to try to download its finest buildings, is one day is allowed to risk a little to come out on top of the square.

This performance is held in Vilafranca under one of the most castelleres festivals, as the city has two colles, the Castellars de Vilafranca, and a smaller Vilafranca Xicots red shirt, and act almost all holidays, so if you have wanted to see Castells, do not hesitate to visit this city.



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