Casa rural Estada de L'Urgell Agramunt

Calle Vall, 15 Casa Agramunt
Capacity: 16

L'Estada Urgell is a large house in the village of Mafet, added to the municipality of Agramunt.

The house is newly renovated, ideal for a few days or a good stay to enjoy and visit its rich history and entertainment environment.

1 hour from Andorra, 100 km from Barcelona, ​​?? 40 km from Lleida, 25 km from Balaguer, 17 km from Tarrega, 10 km from Artesa de Segre, 2 km from Agramunt.

For a land of sensations.


  • Cot and choice of pillows and comforters
  • Pets Allowed
  • Free Wifi throughout the house
  • Press and cultural agenda in the area not to miss the interesting activities
  • Cleaning and change of sheets and towels regularly
  • Private pool
  • Bicycles for adults and children
  • Breakfast tray


Activities that can be done at home itself.

  • Game room
  • elastic mattress
  • Walking and cycling
  • Reading room

Environment activities

Activities that can be done around the house.

  • Castle Road
  • Urgell channel
  • Pilar de Almenara
  • equestrian
  • museums
  • geodetic points
  • Walking and cycling

Fairs and parties

Fairs and festivals nearest

  • Festival of Mafet
  • Festival of Agramunt
  • Festival of Montclar Urgell
  • Festival of Cubells
  • Festival of Artesa de Segre
  • Fair Theater Tarrega
  • Agramunt Nougat Fair
  • Melon Fair in Artesa de Segre
  • Fair Partridge in Vilanova de Meia
Registration Number in Tourism Register of Catalonia: PL-000612

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