Alberg Vall d'Àger Àger

c/ de la Font, 9. Àger


  • Central heating
  • Dining room service (M / P and P / C)
  • Wifi
  • Hot water
  • Booking activities
  • Washer / dryer
  • Living room (coming soon)
  • Pool (municipal)
  • Disabled toilet

We have a capacity of 47 people in rooms 2,4,6,8 and 22 seats.


La Vall de Ager is situated 606m above sea level and its highest point is at the Sant Montsec Alís to 1680m, which closes the valley to the north, the mountains of Montclús I do for the south and east and west by the rivers do pallaresa and Ribagorçana walnut respectively.

Characterized by being one of the few valleys located east and west of the territory that makes meet optimal conditions for practicing outdoor activities.


  • Paragliding:
    It is one of the best areas in the world for this sport where championships are held at the highest international level. There is also the possibility of a baptism flight for the more adventurous.
  • Gliding flight:
    The Ager Valley was one of the first places in our area where we will start practicing this sport., And remains one of the reference.
  • Flatwater Kayaking:
    We are located in the middle of two of the most spectacular reservoirs of Catalonia, in the West in the swamp with his wonderful Canellas Canyon of Mont-rebei. And this for the reservoir Congosto Camarassa with the Doll.
  • BTT routes:
    We 460km of marked paths for hiking Btt's with various difficulties to make the most of our valley.
  • Climbing:
    The limestone of Montsec, makes this one of the best places to practice all types of climbing (classic, sports).
  • Speleological:
    The Montsec has the two deepest recesses of our territory and is one of the areas with the highest concentration of cavities.
  • Hiking:
    The Ager Valley and Montsec offer many routes to make the most of every corner most peculiar.
  • Cultural Visits:
    Visitors can enjoy a wide range of cultural tours such as a visit to the observation center of the universe (in state only), tours of the Romanesque churches and chapels in the area, ornithological routes ...


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