Route through Sidamon, Fondarella, El Palau and El Tossal de las Tenalles

Route through Sidamon, Fondarella, El Palau and El Tossal de las Tenalles

Do you want to know the surroundings of Sidamon, Fondarella, El Palau and El Tossal de las Tenalles? We invite you to enjoy this walk of about 3 hours of moderate difficulty.

You dare?


The route begins next to the crossroads of the Palau de Anglesola, located at the intersection of Avenida de San Roque with Calle del Urgell. From there we take the first road in a southwesterly direction, until we arrive in three minutes at the hermitage of San Roque, a newly built temple that replaces a previous one that has disappeared and was located in another nearby place.

Immediately we go towards a roundabout, where the Palau de Anglesola road in Fondarella starts . At this point, we turn to the right, heading west, along the Grande path, or the Palau de Anglesola path in Sidamon. A few meters further on we find another junction. Here we will take the path to the left, which is where the path of the Palau de Anglesola in Sidamon continues.

We walked through the El Coto area, between fields and some covered fields. Five minutes after the last crossing, we reached another, at the height of the Lucas tower. Here the paths that, from the Palau de Anglesola, go to Sidamon and Bell Lloch diverge. We must continue the excursion on the left, which is Sidamon.

We advance a few more minutes and, in front of us, the Torres rooftop appears . Now, the path of the Palau de Anglesola in Sidamon walks a few meters together with the path of Fondarella in Bellvís. However, this overlap is short-lived as Sidamon's path breaks to the left shortly after. We are going with him in a southwesterly direction. On the right we have El Negral; turn left for El Prat.

As we walk, we approach the A-2 motorway, until the Palau de Anglesola road in Sidamon goes parallel, heading west, to find a bridge to cross it.

We cross the highway along the new route of the Fontanal gorge, which immediately takes us to a crossroads. We must turn right to join the Fondarella path in Sidamon.

We move west, with El Beneficio and the foothills of the Sierra to the south. We pass over the auxiliary channel of Urgell and, already at the El Charco departure , we again receive the path of the Palau de Anglesola in Sidamon on the right. In the background, we already glimpse this town.

We crossed the tracks of the Barcelona-Lleida railway line and, in two minutes, we entered the town of Sidamon. As far as we carry, we go to the Plaza Mayor, where the church is. Afterwards, we turn left onto Calle Mayor, pass the Town Hall and head towards the Carretera.

We enter the southern part of Sidamon through Calle de la Fuente, a road that slightly makes us gain altitude. Without leaving it, and heading southeast, we leave the last houses in the town and come to a crossroads.

We have to follow the route straight ahead, in a southeasterly direction, along the Graveras road, also said to be the Deposit road.

We went through some farms and cutlery and, after five minutes, we reached La Pineda. It is a leisure area owned by the Sidamon City Council. Having just passed it, we will see the Deposit that gives its name to this path.

We leave him behind while continuing to climb smoothly. The Graveras road type steadily to the southeast.

r364_torregassa Upon reaching the height of 274 m, on the left, we see an uncultivated planet. Through it, and by the limit of the quarry that is a little further on, we can break in a northerly direction to reach the elevation of 276 m, more or less where the disappeared top of Torratxa was located.

All this, this detour does not take us more than five minutes. Then we return to the Graveras road and we follow it along the edge of the quarry. The same road takes us northwards and, finally, it takes us to the Sierra de la Sierra swamp, or Sidamon swamp.

We observe it from its southern part and continue the excursion towards the southeast until we reach the plan of the Sierra, or El Plan. There we turn right, heading south. We go up a Llometa and, in going down, without already discovering the term of Torregrossa.

It is here where we pull to the left, through the royal gorge, which makes us go around the El Barranco area on its northern side. The road, which first leads us west, turns slightly to the southwest. From here we enjoy good views of the entire landscape of Torregrossa, a town that we see from afar.

Without leaving the Cañada Real, we passed a chain. We ignore the particular step that it contains and we continue on our way. We began to gain height as we climbed to the top of Hito Alta on its southeast slope.

r364_fita-high We gain a collar, we turn right and walk the few meters that separate us from the Fita Alta, the highest point of our excursion at 290 meters above sea level. This mountain, where the terms of Sidamon and Torregrossa confront , is a good watchtower on this band of the Plan of Urgell. On the one hand, we glimpse even beyond Torregrossa. On the other hand, the entire depression of the Coma and the Cuadra, Sidamon and the lands in the northwest of the town are controlled.

Having seen the top, we return to the Cañada Real that walks along the limit of terms. After traveling about seventy meters, on the right hand side, we find a little marked path that heads northwest while losing a bit of height. We take it and, after a gentle and brief climb, we reach the top of the Redondo hill, or Cerro de las Tenazas. In front of us, protected by a fence, is the Iberian town of Tossal de las Tenazas.

From this point, we undo our steps for fifteen minutes until we return to the crossroads where we had taken the Cañada Real. If before we had made a crossing towards it that comes from the Graveras road, now we take the Torregrossa road in Fondarella to the right, heading northeast.

With him we immediately arrived at Lo Pla. On the right hand side we have the Aerodrome. Without abandoning it, we leave the Sierra behind to go down to the start of the Camino de la Barca. Then, we cross the Acequia Grande, the El Puntal section and also the N-IIa road.

At the end, we cross the Barcelona-Lleida railway line through the level crossing of the Plains and we enter the urban area of Fondarella.

We cross the town in a northwesterly direction to find the hermitage of San Sebastián and the Fondarella el Palau road (LV-3321). We take this road, with which we pass over the A-2 motorway, and enter the Hospitalet industrial estate.

Now, to finish the route, we only have to go up the avenue of San Roque del Palau de Anglesola to the north to reach the cross, where we had started the excursion three hours before and the place, also, where we finished it.

Source: Sidamon City Council

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