Pirinexus route

Pirinexus route

Pirinexus is a cross-border circular cycling route that connects the territories located on both sides of the Pyrenees at its eastern end.

The main route of the route has a total length of 353 km, to which are added 175 km of complementary itineraries that allow to reach the places of special interest near the route. Of the entire complex, practically half of the routes run on greenways, and the rest, on rural roads and highways with low traffic intensity.

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Paradise of landscape, heritage and gastronomic diversity

The orography, the latitude and the strategic location of this small territory make the diversity of landscapes, traditions, gastronomic elements and cultural heritage difficult to beat anywhere else in the world of the same size.

General equipment recommendations

The bike that best suits the whole route is the Gravel, which allows you to pedal comfortably. Even if it is summer, you must bring warm clothing for the downloads, at least a raincoat. A fluorescent vest will be very useful for the road sections. It is important to bring some lighting device, so that any incident can change the schedule we have planned.

Although the route can be done without a GPS device, it is recommended to use the track that can be downloaded from this link.

Below you can check the route map:

Pirinexus Route Map

Source: Costa Brava Pirineu de Girona

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