Medieval Route in Monblanc by Sant Jordi

Medieval Route in Monblanc by Sant Jordi

Legend has it that "there was once a village scared by a fierce dragon, who ate all grazing animals.
This was not a dragon either, was the most powerful dragon of all and he could move around the sky, earth and water.
The people of the town was so terrified that gave voluntarily oxen and horses to the dragon. Then came the day when the dragon is not enough tube and the inhabitants had to overcome to reduce the appalling hunger beast.
The king of the people, which was very good king, his family said in the draw and one day unexpectedly, came the name of the princess ...

Does it sound familiar this legend? Want to know what relation with the town of Montblanc? Well, continue reading the route that we recommend this month and you will find answers to these questions.

The legend of Saint George and the relationship with Montblanc

Montblanc , the capital of the region of Conca de Barbera, is a municipality, par excellence, medieval.

Medieval Montblanc Muralles It is said that the legend of Sant Jordi took place in this town. In fact, the folkloric Catalan Joan stood Amades chivalrous battle between Saint George and the dragon in front of the walls of Montblanc , which are still preserved.

The reasons why Joan Amades placed the legend of Saint George in Montblanc is due to three reasons: first, the name of Sant Jordi chaired one of the gates of the wall, and second, because at that time Montblanc was the seventh largest population Catalan principality's largest, and third, because the municipality had the establishment of four Catalan cuts.

The medieval week in the town montblanquino

Every year around St. George's Day, April 23, the town of Montblanc back in history to celebrate the medieval week.

Medieval Montblanc per Sant Jordi The origin of this event comes from the concerns of a group of young motivated "to make people" in 1981 and the location of Montblanc , by Joan Amades, as the town where Saint George slew the dragon.

The Medieval Week is a holiday celebrated since 1987, at which time there was the first theatrical representation of the legend of Sant Jordi in this town of Conca de Barbera.

After this first performance was created from the Medieval Association llegenda of Sant Jordi, which is primarily the organizer of this event. Although it has the effort and participation of all people.

Montblanc Medieval From the beginning of this holiday and throughout the two weeks following the township of Montblanc wears stately flags and the streets and squares are decorated recalling a medieval city first order, which is ready to host the various events planned that recall daily events, the events presided by kings and representations of the time, some of the main events are the medieval market, representing the legend of Sant Jordi, dinner or contest medieval minstrels, among others.

The party, which has been held since the 80s, has been dragging until last, today, about a week, a fact that leads us to think that the party has been successful and has a great popularity. Tanta, which has even been declared tourist interest nationally and has received several awards.

The medieval heritage of Montblanc

Medieval Montblanc esglesia Medieval Week invites us to travel to the Middle Ages, which is between V i XIV century.

In addition to the atmosphere and decor of the time that is done in this town to move to a medieval town, there remains a great name for these dates we facilitate our imaginations travel more easily over time.

Some of these vestiges remaining in the town of Montblanc are the walls, which have a circumference of 1500 meters and have four gates, one of Sant Jordi, the tower dels zinc cantons (five sides), part of the wall, and the Palau Alenyà, known also as the house burned to the Aguiló.

Montblanc Medieval (House Josa) It should also add that in the portal and the tower of Sant Jordi, which are still preserved, you can read a commemorative mosaic which is made ??known that was the place where Saint George knight killed the dragon, according to legend. Also, it is in this space where multiple representations are made ??that take place during the medieval week.

In addition, we recommend you to attend the guided visista "pas de ronda", a tour of the town that will take you by the most emblematic buildings of the time. It also organized during Medieval Week

The splendor of the medieval village of New Catalonia

The great medieval vestiges that remain in the village of Montblanc us to believe that this time was crucial and relevant to the municipality.

Montblanc Medieval The splendor of the average age is starting to show from the thirteenth century when the first expansion occurred in the municipality and that Montblanc then had 2500 inhabitants. But not until the fourteenth century that Montblanc ranks as the town that hosts major monarchs, such as Pere Jaume II and III, which bring prosperity to the people, is built the walled city to protect the people. Just as the rise of large buildings, royal palaces, noble houses ... being thus a remarkable and unique city of New Catalonia.

Such was the popularity Montblanc became the scene of four cuts passed Catalan where relevant characters of our history, such as Ferran de Antequera.

Knight footprint Sant Jordi and the day of the book and the rose

Medieval Montblanc per Sant Jordi In the eleventh century and is said to Sant Jordi is the Catalan principality pattern. But not until 1456 and 1667 that the party is about Sant Jordi as festivity throughout Catalonia.

Furthermore, Sant Jordi is considered the patron of chivalry since, according to Joan Amades, helped King Peter I of Aragon in his battles during medieval times. King Peter I on the occasion of his appreciation gave him as patron of the Knights and the Crown of Aragon.

Sant Jordi is celebrated on April 23 as it marks the death of the saint.

This date coincides with the International Day of the Book and evokes the death of Miguel de Cervantes, who both also reminds Catalan writer who died this day, Josep Pla.

This is the reason why the April 23, also is considered the day of the book.

Medieval Montblanc per Sant Jordi

Also on April 23 has another meaning as the Catalans consider this date as the day of love thanks to the great feat that made ??the gentleman Sant Jordi for that to save the princess.

Throughout this day red roses are given away to the dear and they give away books.




Montblanc Medieval (Llegenda de Sant Jordi)

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