Route of the cake and longaniza of Prats de Lluçanès

Route of the cake and longaniza of Prats de Lluçanès

Prats de Lluçanès has a traditional delicacy that mixes sweet and savory, sweet cake and sausage.

We propose a tour of eight establishments of the population, marked on a map where you can taste and acquire different specialties of coca and sausage that are made. The route does not have a defined itinerary and you can create yours.

It is suitable for all ages and to do with family, groups,... Bon appetite!



We eat the food in a generally accepted order. Admit as correct certain guidelines and sequences. In a meal, we serve salads and vegetables to the entrees, while fish and meats are often the main courses. All this sharing a generic name of salty dishes, because we understand that sweet delicacies are reserved for dessert, for the table dinner. In matters of taste, but, nothing is white or black.

r225_coca Famous cooks and chefs of contemporary cuisine, without going any further, present seductive sweet proposals when it comes to appetizers, sauces of very reduced fruit or succulent meats of well-caramelized crusts. Ingenious combinations, adapted techniques, new flavors and, sometimes, good nostrats. Bread and grapes, aubergines with sugar, cod with raisins and pine nuts, prawns with chocolate, duck with cherries, rabbit with plums, veal with pears, are some of the many examples of this natural concomitance of sweet and savory ingredients in Catalan cuisine.

Who says kitchen says sausages. It may very well be that people from other cultures see the sweet blood sausage, typical of the Empordà, as an exotic delicacy. In such a way as it may seem this happy life couple that is the cake and the longaniza. To the people of Osona, in general, and of Lluçanès, in particular, the cake and the longaniza together are bocatto di cardinale.

That is why Prats de Lluçanès has made a standard and is the head and casal of the cake and the longaniza. The cake can be of baker, of pasta of bread, just with sugar on top, in short, or with a jet of anise that irrigates it. Or it can be pine nuts and candied fruit or puff pastry, it does not matter.

r225_llong The sausage can be inspired by the field style , more lean than fat and with a pleasant rancid flavor of dark pantry, or it can opt for the artisan model, of fine minced pasta and short curing. So many cakes as bakers and pastry chefs are in Prats; as many sausages as pork butchers.

The route consists of 8 village establishments, coca growers, sausage and other specialties: Ca La Loreto, Fusté Bakery, Girvés Bakery, Vilamú Bakery, Cal Janet, Ca la Rosa, J. Bruch Oven, El Mostrador.

Prats de Lluçanès offers a unique route: the cake and the longaniza. That makes paths of taste!

You can download the diptych of the route in this link.

Source: City Council of Prats de Lluçanès

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