May 18: International Museum Day in Catalonia

May 18: International Museum Day in Catalonia

This month we propose a very different route. A route that you will make yourselves, according to your interest!

As you may already know, May 18 is International Museum Day (organized by ICOM), so different activities are carried out (workshops, guided tours, performances...) and open days in the museums of Catalonia. So your entry is free. Most museums extend this International Museum Day to the weekend closest to May 18.

We leave you a sample of some museums distributed throughout the Catalan territory.

Once this has been explained, it is about seeing which are the museums that interest you the most, take the car and jump in! We offer you a small selection of museums grouped by province, and you decide which ones to visit.

Museums in the province of Barcelona

Mushroom Art Museum

Montmajor. The first and only Mushroom Art Museum in Europe is here in the Comú de Montmajor in the land of the mushroom par excellence, Berguedà.

Now not only in spring or autumn can you see mushrooms, this museum offers you the possibility of collecting them all year round with your eyes. You will find a large number of species cataloged in different families.

This mimicry of reality is remarkable, not only in terms of shapes and colors but above all for the tones and details that make each one of the unique pieces kneaded in clay and molded by hand absolutely alive.

All this route has been selected and advised by renowned mycologists.

More information

chocolate museum

Barcelona. The Chocolate Museum presents a journey through the origins of chocolate, its arrival in Europe and its spread as an element situated between myth and reality, between its medicinal and therapeutic properties and its nutritional value, linking tradition with the future and forming part of our collective imagination.

National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia

terrace. For all those who like science and want to learn about the industrialization that took place in Catalonia during the 14th century, you have the mNACTEC. This museum has its main headquarters in Terrassa, where you will find a fantastic exhibition, but it also has other museums scattered throughout Catalonia, some of which we will comment on below.

Molí Paperer Museum of Capellades

Capellades. The Museu Molí Paperer de Capellades is one of the most relevant museums on paper at the international level. Located in an old paper mill from the 18th century, it is a LIVING museum where handmade paper is still made. It has important collections of machinery, papers and documents dated between the 13th and 20th centuries. The museum develops an important cultural activity to revitalize paper in all its areas. This museum is part of the mNATEC.

Museum of the Colonia Vidal de Puig-reig

Puig Reig. Colonia Vidal is one of the textile colonies that settled at the foot of the Llobregat River during the last third of the 19th century and the first years of the 20th century to use its water as a source of energy. It occupied the last free space between Navàs and Berga, the area where the main concentration of colonies in Europe was created. From the moment of the closure of the factory, the new ideas point towards a revaluation of the heritage finding new uses for the facilities and thus a Museum is born that allows explaining what life was like in the colonies. This museum is part of the mNATEC.

Cercs Mines Museum

fences. The Museu de les Mines de Cercs is another proposal that is sure to delight young and old, it is an interpretation center dedicated to coal mining in Berguedà. The museum consists of four spaces open to the public in this first phase: the permanent exhibition rooms where life is shown at the foot of the mine and the characteristics and uses of coal; a neighborhood flat in the 1940s; the audiovisual room, and the 450 meters of the Sant Romà gallery where, by means of a mining train, you can see what the work was like inside the galleries. Finally, the visitor can walk through the entire mining colony and its sphere of influence. This museum is part of the mNATEC. Web page

Museum of the History of Catalonia

Barcelona . The Museum of the History of Catalonia exhibits and disseminates the history of Catalonia as a collective heritage, conserving the objects related to it and reinforcing the identification of citizens with national history.

It also consists of a set of monuments that are scattered throughout the country.

Archeology Museum of Catalonia

The Archeology Museum of Catalonia (MAC) preserves, researches and disseminates the archaeological remains that illustrate the historical evolution, from prehistory to medieval times of Catalonia. It is made up of the archaeological museums of Barcelona and Gerona, the Greco-Roman city of Empúries, the historic site of Olèrdola, the Iberian site of Ullastret, and also the Center for Underwater Archeology of Catalonia (CASC).

The MAC also offers us the Cave Art Route and the Route of the Iberians.

On the occasion of International Museum Day, a series of very interesting activities are carried out that you can find detailed in our news section.

National Art Museum of Catalonia

Barcelona . To all those who like art, and those who have done the route discover the universe of the Romanesque of the Boí Valley, you cannot miss the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC), where you will find all the arts (sculpture, painting, object arts, drawings, engravings, posters, a photography collection and a numismatic collection) from the Romanesque to the mid-20th century. In addition to works from the country, you will also find works by great international masters.

Agbar Water Museum

Cornella de Llobregat. In this proposal, a museum could not be missing that would tell us about a commodity as appreciated as water. The Agbar museum introduces us to water and brings us closer to it through various activities and workshops. It is therefore a fascinating museum to learn about the processes that water goes through from its origin until it comes out of the tap at home and starts a new cycle again.

The museum is located in a modernist building from the beginning of the 20th century, designed by the architect Josep Amargós Samaranch.

Museums in the province of Girona

Toy Museum of Catalonia

Figueres. For all those fans of collecting, or those who simply want to transport themselves back to their childhood, we recommend the Toy Museum of Catalonia. A collection of more than 4,000 toys (meccanos, cardboard horses, kitchens, spinning tops, cars, planes, and a long etcetera), where you can remember good times through some of your favorite toys, almost forgotten, and that perhaps here you can find

Girona Film Museum

Girona . This is one of the few museums where you can take a trip through 500 years of image history, and learn about the beginnings of the seventh art until the arrival of television. We invite you to learn about the inventions that left our great-grandparents speechless, and also to be fascinated by the moving image shows that have made viewers of all ages dream.

Palafrugell Cork Museum

Palafrugell. The Palafrugell Cork Museum is a very interesting and educational proposal to learn about all the processes that take place from the time the cork is cut from the oak to the time a cork is placed in a bottle. The museum conserves, studies and disseminates in a monographic way the cultural and natural heritage related to the world of cork. This museum is part of the mNATEC.

Museums in the province of Tarragona

Battle of the Ebro Study Center

Gandesa. The Battle of the Ebro Study Center is a small museum that is highly recommended to all those interested in history, where you will be able to learn the details of the battle that took place from July 25 to November 14, 1938, in the course of The spanish civil war. Web page

As we have already mentioned, this is a very small sample of some of the museums in Catalonia that we have found interesting. We invite you to visit these museums and many others, either during International Museum Day or any other day.

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