The best beaches in Catalonia to go with dogs

The best beaches in Catalonia to go with dogs

Most of the Catalan beaches allow dogs in the low season, but when summer arrives they are prohibited from entering or limit their hours. However, for some years now, some municipalities have already allocated a small part of their coastline.

In most cases these are coves or delimited spaces on a larger beach. Each one has its own regulations and its services. In some cases dogs must be tied both in and out of the water, but in others they will enjoy greater freedom.

Taking a quick trip from south to north of the Catalan coast, we find the following beaches where your dog will be welcome.

In the province of Tarragona we find Riumar, Bon Caponet, Cala del Cementerio and Riera de Alforja. They usually have pleasant spring temperatures, they enjoy a hot summer and a cool autumn and winter. The swell of the area is moderate and the rains are rare or very scarce throughout the year. Riomar Beach stands out for being of fine golden sand, while those of Bon Caponet and Cala del Cementerio we find pebbles and rocks.

The Barcelona region has five beaches: Cala Vallcarca, Levante Beach, La Musclera, Picòrdia and Cavaió. Temperatures are usually cool during most of the year except in summer, when they are very warm. Its waters are calm and crystalline while the ground is usually very stony or format with rocks except for that of Cavaió, which has fine golden sand.

Already on the Costa Brava, we find two of the best beaches for animals in the region: Platera beach and Rubina beach, a pioneer in the entire State. The temperature in both is cool during the spring, autumn and winter but it offers pleasant summers in which bathing is a pleasure. Both are perfect for pets since they have a fine golden sand floor and due to their size, they are ideal for walking with your dog.

Have you already chosen where to take a dip with your dog this summer?


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