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If there is an indispensable formula to get to know a culture, the people of a town or neighborhood and its most beloved past, it is through its traditions.

Tradition is the set of knowledge, customs and beliefs that are transmitted from generation to generation as it is considered of high value for the culture itself. Tradition transmits something from the past that is currently received as an inheritance.

In other words, traditions define us and help us build our identity. For example, Saint George is not the same without ending the day with a rose and a book in his hand, nor is celebrating Easter without giving the Mona to your godson.

Catalonia has always been a crossroads of cultures and influences. Hence the various traditional forms that make up Catalan culture with a unique and universal identity have emerged.

In Catalan geography we find an infinite range of traditions, festivals, medieval fairs, fires and devils left and right, castellers, sardanas, giants, bigheads and much more.

From femturisme we invite you to reconnect tea with the roots of Catalonia and immerse yourself again in the most beloved traditions of our country so that you get excited and vibrate again.

At Christmas, enjoy the Pastorets

During the Christmas holidays, the tradition of representing the Pastorets continues in most of the towns and neighborhoods of Catalonia. They mobilize thousands…

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Live the Christmas Fairs

Tiones, firs, nougats, wafers, decorative elements, original artisan gifts... you will find all this and much more at the Christmas fairs that are organized throughout…

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Live the essence of the Passions

Catalonia is a country with a wide range of customs and traditions. The beginning of Lent comes accompanied by some of the Catalan populations of a dramatic staging…

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Living postcard nativity

Towns, cities and neighborhoods in Catalonia create authentic shows during the Christmas festivities with representations of living nativity scenes. The first documents…

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Bastoners of Catalonia

The dance of canes represents a combat between two sides. It is known in different towns in Europe (Holland, England) and very popular in Catalonia, where the poles…

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Corpus Christi festivities in Catalonia

The Corpus Christi festival has been for seven centuries one of the most important in Europe. The festival was instituted by the Church around 1246 and, beyond…

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Enjoy the Carnival of all Catalonia

Carnival is a holiday that is celebrated based on the lunar calendar. In Catalonia, the main dish of the Carnival festival begins with the arrival of Thursday Lardero…

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Enjoy the world of giants

A giant is a traditional and popular festive element of great proportions that usually represents a person and is designed to participate in celebrations and citizen…

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Fire festivities in Catalonia

Fire is the most important element of traditional Catalan festivals. It is a symbol loaded with divine aspects, present in hundreds of ritual and cyclical celebrations,…

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Live the popular holidays

Catalonia has a great calendar of traditional and popular festivals. A great diversity of festive events, elements and acts are part of the Catalan festive heritage,…

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Live the thrill of the castles

Castles are one of the quintessential traditions of Catalan culture, hundreds of people united by defying gravity and strung together on top of each other to make…

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Live the verbena of San Juan

The shortest night of the year, that of the San Juan festival, is a night of fun with fire and cultural identity. In all of Catalonia, following tradition, it is…

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Major festivals in the municipalities of Catalonia

The Fiesta Mayor, the great celebration of each town, is the most anticipated moment of the whole year. They are days of music, partying and popular culture outdoors…

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Sardana, the national dance of Catalonia

Sardana is a Catalan popular dance considered the national dance of Catalonia. It is a collective dance that men and women dance holding hands in a circle, and…

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Dream of the legends of Catalonia

The history of the people and peoples of the planet has been transmitted orally through legends, which are short stories about certain events that could have happened…

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Raffle: tickets to the Interpretation Center of the Dry Stone

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Rocallaura, the perfect place to disconnect from the world and…

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January agenda in Puigcerdà

18/01/2022 ...

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January 19, World Snow Day


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