The Passion of Cervera

22/03/2020, 29/03/2020, 04/04/2020, 10/04/2020, 19/04/2020, 25/04/2020

This act has been canceled, for more information, contact the organizing entity.

Given the historical and social importance, in 1969, representations of La Pasión de Cervera were declared of public interest.

The success has been constant since then and, despite the fact that the text remains the same, the staging has undergone countless improvements: The artistic direction has professionalized. Two lateral stages have been incorporated into the Gran Teatro de La Pasión that offer a spectacular view with a total 40 meters of stage opening, being the theater with the largest opening in Spain and the third in Europe.

The construction of corporeal decorations in 90% of the scenes, which offer a realistic spectacularity to all the spaces, and combine recalling the historical beauty of the great old paper decorations that are still preserved in some scenes. With the renovation of the fully digitized lighting section, a specific atmosphere is offered each time, together with the sound, also digitized, which enhances the scenes of the show with more power and sound quality. The new elaboration of the wardrobe; faithful reproduction of the clothing of the time.

The special effects introduced with great spectacularity allow the viewer to enjoy a complete show in every way. All this and the collaboration of 300 people on stage make up an agile and modern show, offering a spectacular and realistic vision of the traditional performances of La Pasión de Cervera.

Several important historians, together with the studies carried out by the Sorbonne University in Paris, have recognized the stagings of La Pasión de Cervera as the oldest in all of Europe, demonstrating once again the starting point of this show now in the media.

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