Visites i degustacions Gust de Garrotxa Sant Joan les Fonts

Mas Corominas s/n Sant Joan les Fonts

Our family farm is located in Mas Corominas de Begudà, within the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa. It is in this environment where our piglets are born, grow and elaborate.

Our goal is to get the same pork that our grandparents had, to rediscover the taste of before. But neither do we ignore innovation, we carry out a rigorous research process in order to create sausages that transmit new sensations and transfer new flavors.

It is for all this, and for the effort and enthusiasm that we put, that we are sure that you will notice the difference when you taste our products on the table.


Our visits are designed for the whole family, where children and adults can see our pigs in their natural habitat, catch and caress the smallest piglets and enjoy a small sausage appetizer. A playful and unforgettable experience that you will surely enjoy!

We also offer exclusive visits for groups (from 14 people according to the visit format). Ask for more information!

Sausage tasting blind

In this tasting you can savor the sausage from a different perspective, in which with your eyes covered you will discover the flavors and spices that are hidden in each bite. An experience in which concentration and gustatory memory play a very important role to be able to notice the different flavors that will surely surprise your palate.

At the end of the blind tasting, sausages with bread and tomato and drinks will be served.

Sausage married with craft beer

In this experience we offer you much more than a sample of cold meats with artisan beer pairing, we offer you six Garrotxa bites:

  • SUMMER MOS - The refreshing
  • MOS DE PAGES - The authentic
  • MOS MEDIEVAL - The vintage
  • MOS NOSTRAT - The one on earth
  • VOLCANIC MOS - The picantón
  • MOS MELOSO - The Dolcet

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