Rutes BTT Sílvia Rovira Cardona

C/ Generalitat 26 Cardona

Organization and design outputs hiking, mountain biking and snowshoeing (winter).

Sport, Nature, History, Art, Landscapes and Gastronomy. A difficult mix to forget. You just need to pedal!

Routes of all levels, the pace tú..per you put them whenever you want.

For groups, any route can be programmed aid stations along the circuit, support car, book accommodation and souvenirs for finishers.

Great routes: they are designed to make them your air guided or 2 to 3 days.

Cardona Treasures: we have different level and duration you choose, ask for information

PyrenSud Cathars of southern Route Cathar Pyrenees Pie and Btt

We have many more, say you want to go!!

Visit the website regularly!!... we organized outings and will be updated!!

Registration Number in Tourism Register of Catalonia: GC-004498

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