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Dare to come to our room: "Revenge"

The kingdom is immersed in darkness. "The Impaling Prince" frightens this land. The town needs knights to enter its castle and thus to end it and put an end to its tyranny. They look for heroes who do not fear death...

Immerse yourself in a historical era of knights, castles and battles. A dark time where the population lived in fear of both the enemies and their own rulers. Experience first-hand the history that made an entire continent suffer. Do you accept the challenge?

What is an Escape Room?

It is a live adventure, you will be closed in themed rooms where you must complete your mission. You will solve a series of tests and skill games to escape before 60 minutes.

What I need?

Only intuition, teamwork and desire to live new emotions.

How many people can participate?

Gather a team of 2 to 6 people and play with your friends, family or co-workers. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Escape Room adapted for people with reduced mobility.

What do customers say?

A very original and very elaborate story.

The presentation of the Escape Room is very original, they generate a little tension that makes it even more interesting. And the puzzles really are very good. Of the best I've done.


A great experience! An escape room with many details, incredible decoration and a story that makes you get completely in the role and immerse yourself fully in the adventure! Very, very recommendable! We enjoy each and every one of the tests, the rooms and the atmosphere that transports you to the medieval era! It is really worth going to Igualada to enjoy this Escape Room.

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