Via Ferrata Peñaflor, Los Reguers in Tortosa

Rogles Aventura
Flix, Miravet, Tivissa
Deal: 30.00 €

It is a recently expanded intense ferrata where now it is worth the trip to get to know it. Its equipment offers great security and can be finished with 3 final rappels. In the foothills of the Macizo de los Puertos, you can also see the Ebro valley from above.

Located between the Reguers and l'Alfara de Carles, there are 2 municipalities very close to Tortosa.

With the extension a new Tibetan bridge of 13 meters has been incorporated. Also worth highlighting is the path through terraces with a large patio that gives spectacular. It has a little bit of everything: steps, walkways, handrails, chains, both Tibetan bridges!

It is located in a climbing area, so both activities could be combined. The approximation of 20 minutes, makes it a very interesting ferrata to take better advantage of the mountain day.

It is usually a windy area, but the views once made the ferrata give us an idea of the contrast between the unknown Massif of the Ports of Tortosa - Beseit and our river Ebro.

By the way, ask us about the combination between kayak and via ferrata, as you will see the descent route between Xerta and Tortosa very close.

Our guides will explain not only this ferrata and the rest of activities with which to complement, but gastronomic, cultural or recreational recommendations in the Tierras del Ebro.

Data sheet:

  • Duration: 2h30 'to 3h.
  • Equipped length: 800 meters
  • Total unevenness: 310 meters
  • Total length: 4 kilometers
  • Difficulty: k3
  • Rappel: Possibility of finishing with 3 rappels. Check
  • Nearest Ferrada: Ulldecona or Tivissa

Minimun 2 persons


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