Cycling route through the Sebes Nature Reserve

Rogles Aventura
Flix, Miravet, Tivissa
Deal: 15.00 €

Nature of wildlife at the edge of the Ebro. We propose a route to do your own without a monitor. It is a flat dirt road, with no special difficulty and where you can stop at different points of interest.

Fluvial space located on the edge of the Ebro as it passes through Flix. The origin of this area of wetlands was already referred to in texts of the fifteenth century, and was mostly occupied by growing areas until the abandonment of the uses allowed in a certain way the recovery of what was proper to the river. The preservation of wetlands is one of the identity elements of the area.

The fact of being in a reservoir, with presence downstream of the Flix dam, determines the peculiar hydrological characteristics of this space.

It is characterized for being a zone of wetlands with an important accumulation of sediments that have propitiated since the construction of the dam, in 1948, a strong development and proliferation of riparian vegetation. The fact that Flix was an industrial town and had abandoned the fields, has led to the paradox that right in front of the factory, there is this privileged environment: one of the few banks of the Ebro without agricultural or industrial activity.

The reserve is visited by many students each course, as it is an ideal learning environment and directed by some great technicians who love the area.

In the 150 hectares it occupies we can enjoy the different wetland walkways and watch towers for bird watching; visit the Museum of navigation in lutes or the Iberian settlements that come to say that if 2500 years ago they chose this area to live, it would be for something.

Minimum 4 people, or less in case of joining a group (consult).


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