Descent of the Ebro in canoe in stages: from Flix to the Sea in 4 days

Rogles Aventura
Flix, Miravet, Tivissa
Deal: 100.00 € 80.00 €

This activity can be done in 3, 4 or 5 days. It can even be done on 2 consecutive weekends (2 + 2). What we propose here is only a proposal of stages. Consult us to make it to measure.

The price of 80 euros is equivalent to renting material in 4 days.

The package includes all the material rental (touring kayak with double or individual compartments to choose from, vest, paddle, bathtub covers and watertight bottle), advice, assistance vehicle and documentation in cards and map to make the route.

There is the option of different extra services that perhaps you can consider

Travel program

Proposal day 1

In Flix you can also get there by train. It is where the last intake of the Ebro river is and therefore where the "free Ebro" begins to the Mediterranean Sea.

The meeting point will be at the Hotel Vilar Riu de Baix in Flix. There, you are given very detailed descent documentation; initial training session and delivery of the material.

An experienced guide will go with you the first section to give you the most important tips and help you overcome the Ascó weir, the only obstacle on your adventure to the sea.

We will leave the Natural Reserve of the Meandro de Flix and we will pass the towns of Ascó, Vinebre and we will cross the "Paso del Asno" with its imposing rock cliffs that only allows the passage of the train to reach the town of Garcia. We propose to eat here or in Mora de Ebro and that the end of this first day be in Miravet. The route between these last two towns is truly wonderful, full of islands, nature and history...

Proposal day 2

Miravet to Tortosa.

Along with the final section of the previous day, it is the most beautiful section, you have to take your camera to the beautiful town of Miravet from the river, the Strait of Barrufemes and other historical towns of the Battle of the Ebro in the Civil War.

Perhaps this is also the best day for wildlife observation. Pines, olive trees, almond trees, and also fruit trees can be seen through the lush riverside forest.

It is the day that we will do the most kilometers, although it is also where we will notice the current of the river the most and therefore, it does not involve so much effort.

We can stop to rest in Benifallet and continue crossing the Xerta lock. Spectacular construction and a new experience that allows us to get off like an elevator without leaving the boat and thus cross the historic Xerta weir.

We can eat at Xerta. We still have the route of the 5 islands to reach the capital of the Ebro. Great arrival to the millenary Tortosa: under its bridges and with the cathedral in the background. It is advisable to dedicate the time that we approach in the afternoon for a visit.

Proposal day 3

From Tortosa to Deltebre.

The fact that from Tortosa, the river is wider, means that although the route is only a few kilometers, it takes a little longer, since there is less current. Although surely that day his paddling technique is already a little better.

The landscape will continue to be the fields of fruit trees and the low flights of fishing birds looking for food. Silence will continue to be our travel companion. Recommended stop in Amposta.

At this stage the immensity of the river will make us feel very small with our kayak.
We recommend sleeping in Deltebre.

Proposal day 4

And today is the arrival at the sea. You can go out before sunrise and experience this moment from the water. After a while going down the Ebro, reaching the Mediterranean and rowing between the waves will be quite an experience.

The route is short precisely to be able to enjoy the charm of the Ebro Delta Natural Park.

We will leave the canoes in the sand and a Rogles monitor will be waiting for you to take you back to your vehicle or at the train station.

You can have a celebratory meal in the Riumar de la Boca or Flix urbanization if you have to return.


• Average fitness level.
• From a weight greater than 120 kg. Or height greater than 1.95, consult.
• From 9 years with the company of an adult.
• Under 14 years old in double kayaks.
• There is no special skill to use the kayak.
• To know how to swim
• Activity from 2 people
* Deposit of 100 euros for each kayak, which is returned at the end of the route.

General personal equipment

• Light and comfortable comfortable clothing. It will be useful to wear clothes that can be used as layers, to be using them depending on the temperature of the day. Ex: T-shirt, fleece, raincoat.
• Replacement footwear.
• Inside the canoe it is advisable to wear comfortable shoes with a thin sole, which can get wet.
• Hat or cap, sunglasses.
• Basic first-aid kit.
• Solar protection.
• Mosquito repellent.
• Mobile phone in a waterproof bag.

Includes: Rental of sea kayaks that are very stable and easy to steer, as well as fast. They all have 2 watertight compartments to store food, telephones, cameras, clothes, etc. without getting wet. Life jacket and asymmetric blades, Return transfer from Urb. Riumar (Delta) to Flix or Ascó, Technical advice at all times, Accident insurance, Hand maps and various information,
Does not include: Travel to Flix (Tarragona), Lunch on the first day and dinner on the second day.

You can contact Rogles Aventura by phone or by mail.


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