Restaurant La Calèndula Regencós

C/Nou, 2 Regencós

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La Calèndula Restaurant is located in the old theater of the medieval village of Regencós, united in the Hotel del Teatre, in the heart of the Costa Brava, surrounded by nature, between the sea and the mountains. The chef Iolanda Bustos and her team interpret in the kitchen the best product of the area with creativity and distinction using herbs, flowers, roots and wild fruits that the chef gathers and cultivates, to be able to offer a landscape in each dish.

Iolanda is a native land cook, Empordà born, committed to the environment, creates dishes that connect tradition with avant-garde, mixing art and nature rediscovering the value of the landscape and the richness of the raw material of the area. Its mission is for people to love nature, through its flavor.

The restaurant houses a large wine bar with a carefully selected selection of local and country wines. Occupying a privileged place on the stage of the theater, representing King Bacchus, the Roman king of wine and theater.

The study of interior design Trestrastos has made the reform of the Theater to adapt it to the restaurant, creating an atmosphere so relaxed, comfortable and elegant to wish that the clock was stopped.

With good weather you can enjoy meals and dinners in the garden, surrounded by plants and flowers enlivened by the symphony of nightingales, robins, sparrows and woodpeckers that nest in Regencós each season.

The Restaurant is closed from Christmas to Easter.


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