Cal Xirricló Balaguer

C/ Doctor Fleming, 53. Balaguer

With a wide avanico of gastronomic possibilities, from the traditional Catalan cuisine, Corns and pulpits, with the unmistakable touch of the mistress of the house, Rosa Rúbies, a long list of dishes atuodidácticos under the seal of Josep Espuga.

They have retained the warmth of yesteryear, therefore have created a cozy and elegant, with a warm and spacious dining alternating wood and stone, with the aim that the customer can enjoy a stay as pleasant as possible.


Tradition, innovation, raw materials of the highest quality and a very personal service are the basic condiments restaurant for customers to leave satisfied. They have tried to do and kept the wisdom of grandparents when they put a small taverna in the middle of Balaguer.
Over time, its cuisine has become a benchmark in the region. It has been more than fifty years and is still talking about your kitchen. For this reason and without olbidar roots have continued in the same style but with a much more creative arie, with the intention to grow and evolve with new trends.

The Winery

They offer a wine list to match the kitchen.

A long list of more than 120 references and 30 designations of origin, with a series of recommendations that changes weekly.

They offer a balanced menu, worked and studied.


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